How To Deal With Some Of The Stresses Of Motherhood

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Motherhood is beautiful. Motherhood is the peak of a woman’s life. Motherhood is the most wonderful experience that could happen to you. While all this is true, there’s something else that motherhood is and nobody told you about it. Motherhood is stressful. Not only do you suffer from lack of sleep – a study revealed that parents lose months of sleep during the first years of parenthood – but you will also discover a new world of social pressure. Is your child crying? No doubt the neighbors will assume that you are the worst mother on earth. Going shopping with the kids? You’ll soon find people tutting and frowning for every little noise that the children make, even if it’s just laughing. It is even worse if you try joining a parenting community. You will soon find yourself bombarded with awkward questions. Is your child not walking yet? Mine was trotting along when she was only nine-month-old. Isn’t he talking yet? In short, motherhood is about ignoring the stress to get to the happy side of it. We trust you to find happiness in it. Here’s how to get rid of the stress that eats your life away.

Learn To Relativize

As a mother, you need to accept that you will not be perfect. Nobody is. For psychologists, it is not only impossible to be the perfect parent, but it is also undesirable. According to Donald Winnicott, a pediatrician, mothers need to be adequate to the child’s needs. This means that as a mother you need to help your child to fulfill his or her needs. When the child is young, the need fulfillment falls entirely on you. But when the child grows in strength and ability, you can trust them to adapt and find ways to fulfill some of their needs by themselves. Consequently, your child also learns to protect themselves from the world, as the mother’s involvement reduces. For Winnicott, mothers can’t and shouldn’t do everything for their children.

Release Those Tensions

There is no doubt that you will still find some situations stressful, whether it is going to a child’s party – and feeling judged by other parents – or caring for a child who’s running a fever. More often than not, people who are under a lot of pressure creates tensions in their body. You can find many ways to release these tensions before they become handicapping. Picking a sport is a great way of relieving the negative energy that you accumulate. So, if you’re a sporty type, don’t hesitate to take time for your favorite yoga moves or a jog in the forest. This will help you to calm down. If you’re not into sports, you should have a look at ways to manage the physical tensions, such as the services offered by Family Chiropractic Plus. Indeed, being under a lot of stress can create pains in your back, shoulders, and neck – which is your way of carrying the burden. You will feel a lot free-er in your movements after a chiropractic appointment.  

Laugh And Love

Finally, it’s important not to take everything seriously. Learn to laugh about the little hiccups of motherhood. It will help you to reduce the pressure. Additionally, laughing is a source of positive energy. So don’t panic if you can’t get the nappy right the first few times. Just laugh about it and carry on with your day. You will be fine. It just takes time to get used to motherhood.  

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