Great Summer Ideas For The Whole Family

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It’s nearing summer vacation time, and you are likely wondering what to do with the kids over the summer. To make the most of the warm weather, and to keep them from their games consoles and smartphones, here are some ideas to help your family make the most of the (hopefully) sunny days ahead.

Prepare a bucket list
No, not the bucket and spade variety (though they may come in handy). At the beginning of the summer ask your kids what they would like to do and prepare a list. They may like to learn new sports or have a slumber party with friends. Your kids may have ideas about places to visit. Giving your children some ownership of the summer will enable them to set goals to make the most of their vacation time and may give you ideas you had never thought of yourself.
Water games
If the summer is hot, there is no better way for kids to cool down than with some fun water games. Stock up on water guns, buy a slip ‘n’ slide mat or connect the hose pipe. Water bombs are a great idea too, but remember to keep out of the firing line! Kids love water, and it will give them endless hours of fun.
Go for a walk
The summer months are important for your family to connect with Mother Nature. Whether you visit the local park, or take your kids further afield, going for a walk is good for everybody’s health. It is the perfect opportunity to teach your children about plants and wildlife, too. The idea of going for a walk can be offputting for children, so turn it into a fun activity by organizing a scavenger hunt where they have to find a variety of objects, such as acorns and certain types of flower. As added incentive, take a picnic and find somewhere pleasant to sit when your bellies start to feel hungry.
Go for a ride
Bicycle rides are a lot of fun for the family and are an easier way of encouraging your children to explore nature if walking is too tiring for them. If cycling is too strenuous, then an electric scooter would be perfect for them to zip around on. Of course, adults are allowed a bit of fun, so you might also consider an electric scooter for your own leisure time.

Go camping
Camping is a more affordable way of going on holiday, and there are likely to be designated campsites not too far from where you live. There will be public ground where you are allowed to pitch your tents, too, so perhaps take a walk through woodland before setting yourselves up for the night. Sleeping under the stars is a memorable experience for children, and is a special opportunity to bond with your kids. For added excitement, make a campfire and roast marshmallows. Then as the night draws in, curl up in your sleeping bags and tell each other spooky stories!

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