Cultivating Creative Tendencies With Staying Power

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Every parent knows how creative kids can be. They tell stories they seem to pluck out of thin air. They create art without worry. In many ways, they’re an inspiration. After all, wouldn’t we all love to create so freely? Some us do carry those early creative skills into later life. Hence, there are some amazing creative individuals out there. A lot of us, though, lose those tendencies when we get older. The idea of this happening to our children as well can be upsetting. Their creativity is endearing and exciting, so it makes sense you would want to cultivate it and make it long lasting. The good news is, there are steps you can take to make that the case. Here are a few of them.


As they get older, you may find your kids need a little inspiration to keep their momentum. It makes sense. While creativity is innate in young children, other things take priority later on. Topping up their inspiration now and again should ensure creativity stays high on their agenda. How you do this depends on the child, and which creative aspects they’re most interested in. It may be that you buy them books to keep their love of language alive. Or, you could look through stock photos with them to encourage them to snap their own. Or, inspiration may be something as simple as watching their favorite actors or sports personalities. Anything that helps is worth doing. Of course, it’s important to know when to take a step back. Some kids grow out of their creativity, and no inspiration will help. There’s nothing wrong with gentle nudges, but if they aren’t taking the bait, it might be time to step back.


For the most part, a long-standing love of creativity comes from finding a hobby with staying power. Most kids try their fair share of different hobbies. And, the majority of them don’t stick. It can be frustrating. Clubs and equipment are never cheap. Of course, that wouldn’t be a problem if you knew they were going to give it a fair go. But, after you’ve wasted a certain amount, you may reach the stage where you refuse their next request. Don’t do it. For all you know, that next hobby could be the right one. Instead, find a compromise. If they want to learn an instrument, ask their school whether they can loan one, instead of buying one outright. And, get them to practice at home before you commit to expensive lessons.


This could also be the perfect time to harbor your lost creativity. Your kids are more likely to stick with something if you do it together. So, why not sign up to a class both of you could enjoy? You could learn an instrument together, or join a painting class. It’ll be perfect bonding time, and it’ll help you both find love for something that keeps you in touch with your arty sides.

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