Crazy Slumber Party Themes Your Kid Will Love

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What kid doesn’t love a slumber party? They are the highlight of a school kid’s social calendar. Parents can feel a little different! If your child has finally persuaded you to let them have a sleepover here are some crazy themes that will make it the social event of the year.
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The make-over party with a twist

Every girl loves a make-over party but it’s even more fun if you turn it into a catwalk show. Start off by taking ‘before’ photos of all the girls in their T-shirts, jeans, and sneakers.
Set up your catwalk in the garden or in the biggest room in your house. Get your lighting just right but remember you will want to take some photographs. Allow the girls to experiment with different make-up but step in if things get out of control!
Let them have fun with hair products and accessories such as hair bands, ribbons, barrettes and clips. They could use flat irons or curling irons if there are enough adults to supervise and maintain safety. Let them put on their glad rags and parade on your catwalk as all the other girls take pics with their smartphones pretending to be the paparazzi. You can print some off as a memento.

The chocolate-themed party

Anything to do with chocolate works with this one. Issue the invitations as golden tickets hidden in chocolate bars. Ask all the guests to arrive dressed as a character from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Prepare some delicious chocolate recipes in advance but ration how much they eat or everyone will feel sick a long way before bedtime.
Set up a fun quiz or some baking activities from the ultimate Oreo recipe guide and let them run riot in the kitchen. Then organize loads of candy-themed games around the house and garden. Picking up the gumdrop with a straw is an old favorite. Then crash out on the sofa and watch the movie.

Ninja nights are the best

This is a great idea for tweens. All guests arrive dressed in white. It’s easy to put together a cheap karate outfit from plain white pajamas or inexpensive white shirts and pants.
Get some fun games organized in the garden around the theme of dodging and blocking but do not allow direct contact or sparring as this could lead to nasty injuries. Dodgeball and limbo games always go down well.
Once everyone is exhausted you can settle them down to watch movies such as the Karate Kid or Three Little Ninjas. Have a break in between with some snacks. Why not prepare an array of "kid friendly" Chinese and Japanese foods.

Indoor camp out party

Camping out is brilliant fun for boys and girls but safety concerns and climate does not always allow it. So, why not bring the outdoors indoors. You can roast marshmallows in your fireplace or even on your grill to make s'mores. You can set up the tent and sleeping bags in your lounge or simply drape a blanket over some chairs.

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