Turn Normal Time Into Quality Time

12:48 AM

Life is so busy. Soon busy! Why did nobody warn us that it would be like this? Especially motherhood. We know motherhood has always been hectic, full-on, non-stop and around the clock, but seriously.


Getting the kids up, making them breakfast, getting them dressed, taking them to school, going to work, picking them up from school, helping with homework, doing the washing, make a packed lunch at the same time as doping dinner and then getting them to bed. It is hectic.

When are you meant to be able to spend quality time with them? That is a question that we have found to be on most mother’s lips these days, which is why we have done a little bit of research and listed some of the genius ways in which parents are optimizing the time spent with their kids.

Here we go:


There’s A New Buzz Term: Parenting Meditation
With so many responsibilities and requirements and hoopla going on in our lives, it can be so easy to switch into parenting autopilot mode. This is one of the worst. All that effort you have put in so that you can be there to enjoy the precious moments in life, and enjoying your kids before they grow up, and your mind is on other stuff. That is where parenting meditation comes in. It is making a conscious effort to be there in the moment; to listen to your kids, enjoy your kids, and be amazed by them. They are miracles. You just have to focus on that and nothing else.


Walk With Them More
We think we are saving time and being convenient when we drive places but we are simply losing time that could be spent with our kids. It’s insane. We are losing priceless moments. So instead of driving five minutes to the park, why not walk for half an hour and enjoy their company. No excuses. Instead of worrying about all the things you need to carry because you haven’t got a car, get yourself a convenient backpack purse for moms. Like we said, no excuses. If you’re worried about carrying a handbag with you so you have cash, use Apple Pay. Of course, don’t just walk instead of driving. Walk more anyway. Go for pajama walks each evening before bed. Not only will it allow quality time to be spent at twilight, it will calm them down too.


Get Them Involved In Everything (And Vice Versa)
Let them choose the theme for Friday night’s family dinner. Maybe they want to make tacos, or get a Chinese, or make their own sushi, or get pizza. Whatever it is, let them choose and let them help with making it or even ordering it. If there is a chore that needs doing, then why not do it together. It could be cleaning the house or the car, it could be fixing the leaky tap in the bathroom or painting the garden fence. Do it together. The same goes for their homework, and the games they love to play, and what they are watching online. The more you get involved with them and who they are the more you will be making normal time quality time.

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