The 3 C’s For A Bedroom That Will Promote More Z’s

12:56 AM

You might not always appreciate it, but the bedroom is arguably the most important part of your home. After all, the average person spends at least one-third of their lives in this room. Quite frankly, that’s a very long time to be in a room that is anything less than perfect.   
Creating the ideal bedroom for your son or daughter is easy, but transforming yours can feel far more daunting. In truth, though, satisfying your needs with a simplistic approach is all that’s required. Prioritize the three factors below, and you should find that the bedroom of your dreams becomes a reality in no time.

As with any home upgrade, considering the room’s primary purpose should be top of the agenda. The bedroom can serve multiple purposes but is ultimately a place for your body to sleep and recuperate. Therefore, ensuring that it encourages a good night’s rest is essential.
The right bed is probably the most important piece of furniture that you’ll ever possess. In truth, the mattress is far more crucial than the frame, so getting this right is crucial. Tempurpedic make excellent, but expensive, products that can last for years. Even if you don’t have a huge budget, finding a suitable solution is the only option.
A host of other design choices can have a huge influence too. Whether it’s light blocking drapes or a better HVAC system doesn’t matter. If it improves the quality of your sleep, it’s certainly a step in the right direction.
When upgrading this space, it’s equally important to remember that it is your bedroom. It isn’t a showroom, so finding ways to make it truly feel like yours is vital. Otherwise, you’ll never gain that strong emotional attachment that you deserve.
Injecting personality into your designs doesn’t need to be overly complex. Creating a pillow that’s unique to you can give the room a personal touch while family photos and wall murals can have a similar influence. Ultimately, as long as you find a way to stamp your authority, you cannot go wrong.
Meanwhile, funky slippers and other items that are used in the bedroom can add to that overall allure. It’s a simple concept, but it really does work.
We all have different ideas of what the perfect bedroom should like. Nonetheless, there’s one pitfall that everyone should want to avoid: the feeling of claustrophobia.
An overcrowded bedroom can disrupt sleep patterns, and just generally removes some of the enjoyment. Simple jobs like mounting the TV to a wall can claw back valuable space. Meanwhile, finding ways to store clothes in the most efficient manner will have a big impact too.   
If the size of the room isn’t great, opting for lighter tones can be another fantastic trick. Couple this with strategically placed mirrors to bring the space to life, and it should look bigger and better. As long as it doesn't compromise comfort or character, your dreams of the perfect bedroom will be satisfied for years to come.

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