DIY Floral Baby Mobil Chandelier (Full Tutorial)

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Im in love with all the feminine floral touches I am seeing all around. I don't know if its because I have a two year old daughter and a eight month old daughter but its getting pretty girly around here and I don't mind at all. 

When my little one turned six month old and no longer fit in her bassinet, it was time to start getting the nursery ready. I wanted to make her something special that hopefully would last a while and thats when I started seeing all these beautiful floral baby mobiles for sale on etsy. I had to have one! The problem was these mobiles came with a hefty price tag. Some costing upwards of $200.00. Yikes! 

So my crafty brain went into over drive and I got to work making my own. In the end the items were super easy to find and I spent less than $30.00 (and two hours in glue gun heaven) in total. You could probably make yours for even less because I decided to splurge a little on some fancy ribbons and I bought my foam wreath at Hobby Lobby for $4.00 and then later noticed the dollar store was selling foam wreaths. TIP: Always shop the dollar store first not last. ;)

10 to 15 - Dollar Store Flowers
1 - 12 inch Foam Wreath
2 yards of Hanging Ribbon
1 yard of Beaded Pearls Ribbon
1 yard of clear fishing string
1 Key Chain Ring (optional)
Glue gun, glue sticks, Scissors 

TIP: If you want to save even more money, you can use the fishing wire to hang the inside flower buds that hang down in the middle of the mobil and opt for cheaper ribbon at the dollar store. 

I was surprised at how many flowers there were to choose from at the dollar store. I was planning on buying my fake flowers elsewhere thinking I would not find anything I liked but I was able to find plenty of pretty flowers to go with my color scheme. 

1. I used a 16 inch foam wreath but a 12 inch wreath would have worked great to. Secure your fishing line string in a criss cross shape. And tie it off securely. Do not worry to much if it wiggles around a tiny bit just as long as it is fairly tight. Once all th flowers are in place the string won't be able to move anywhere. 

2. Cut six inches off your hanging ribbon and set that aside for the hanging knot. Now cut the remaining hanging ribbon into four equal lengths. I cut mine 18 inches each. You will want to make the cuts as accurate as possible because it will effect how your mobil hangs. 

3. Hot glue the hanging ribbon around and under the wreath. This a fairly light weight mobil so you do not need to go too crazy with the hot glue when securing the hanging ribbon.

4. To make the single loop at the top, I just cut a small piece from the six inch hanging ribbon, then glued it to the four pieces of ribbon hanging from the foam wreath. Then to cover the glue I wrapped and glued the remaining hanging ribbon scrap around where the ends were glued together. 

5. Separate the flowers from the stems. 

6. Now we are to the real fun part. Start by placing all the largest flowers first around the foam wreath. Then the middle sized and then use the smallest ones last. 

Most of the flowers I pushed into the foam and then I added a little hot glue to secure the flower nub into the indent the foam. There were some flowers I was not able to do that with because the stem was too soft or too long so I just glued this onto the wreath without indenting it into the foam.  

Make sure your foam wreath is covered and you cannot see any of the foam from the sides. Leaving the inside of the foam bare is up to you. I didn't find it necessary to fill in the inside because you couldnt really see it. 

Towards the end I propped my wreath up on my sewing box so I could fill in the lower part of the wreath more fully and get a more accurate idea of how the flowers would hang. 

TIP: Use the leaves from the flower stems last to fill in some of the smaller areas or add them to just the top of your wreath to give it a nice artistic look. 

7. Adding the chandelier effect is simple. Just use a tiny bit of hot glue to glue the little flowers onto the ends of the beaded ribbon. You will need about five to eight beaded strings of flowers to get the effect you want. Then secure the beaded strings of flowers to the fishing line you tied onto the foam wreath earlier with hot glue. Then you done!

I found the wreath at Hobby Lobby, the gold ribbon and beaded pearls ribbon at Jo-Ann and the flowers at the Dollar Store.  

I just love this Baby Mobil in my daughters nursery. It is quite the dramatic addition and makes a beautiful statement piece. I also like that when I am putting her down for a nap I can easily twist the mobile up and it will twirl around as my little one drifts off to sleep. 

Baby's Eye View

I went with a peach, coral and yellow color scheme to go along with the Beginners Lonestar Quilt I made earlier this year and the the coral irate muslin sheet set we got her for christmas.

Sweet dreams little one. 


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  1. I love this :) Just curious if you're not worried about any pieces falling and her choking on one of them?

    1. Ive had this up for a couple of months now and none of the flowers have fallen off. I event wind up the mobile sometimes and let it twirl around. The flowers are pretty light weight so the hot glue holds them on pretty sturdy. Also I pressed the flower stems into the foam a little bit with the hot glue for added measure. These flowers aren't going anywhere. If you are worried about it, just use extra hot glue.

  2. How do you hang it up? Attach it to the celicei?

  3. That’s actually why I read this post! To see the answer to your question (I knew how to make the mobile/chandelier.. I made one for my sister who’s expecting her 1st baby.. mine is slightly different, I made a pattern in the center like a dream catcher, I hung a few beads, flower buds,& couple of white feathers) but I was trying to see different ways of how people hung there’s. I have ribbon attached with a key ring type of loop, but was looking for different ways to hang that- I’m thinking either a chandelier chain that you hang from ceiling and could then attach to the key ring- or even making a crib mobile arm, that attaches to the crib and then to this (just like if you were to buy a mobile) anyway- did you ever get your answer ??? How did she hang it? Did you make one-& if so how did you hang yours? If it were to hang just straight from the ceiling the ribbon would have to be much much longer-


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