Hand Painted Floral Wall with Gold Accents (Girls Room Makeover Reveal)

7:37 PM

This floral and gold toddler girls room design came together so easily and is the perfect comfy spot for my little girl to grow up in. This handpainted floral wall didn't take a lot of time or money to complete but its an extra special touch to this room that will have a lasting impression.  

I was first inspired by this nursery design by Blonco Interiors. I love the soft and simple hand painted style of the wall paper. As much as I love this wallpaper there is no way I could ever afford the hundreds of dollars it would take to just to do one wall in this. So for twenty bucks in craft paint and a little imagination we got a custom look for my daughters room without the heavy price tag. 

My favorite part about this floral accent wall is that depending on the time of day different flowers light up with touches of gold. 

The painted floral wall right after it was finished but before I set to decorating the new room. 

We kept the same color scheme from her baby nursery room so it was an easy transition to this toddler girls room. Her old beautiful things fit right in so there is so need to go out and buy a bunch of stuff to match the new room. 

I tried mixing and matching a bunch of different colors and textures and the results where a fun and eclectic style that is never boring. Im loving how the Lonestar baby quilt I made earlier this year just fits into the whole room. Its so fun to see it finally all come together. 

The secret to decorating on a dime is saving where you can and splurging on a few fun pieces. Its all about knowing where to put the money. One of my favorite things in this room is this beautiful gold foiled map prints I found at minted.com 

This gold foil road map of America print brings a spirit of adventure to this adventurous girls room. I love that its unique, sophisticated, and sparkly all in one. This is the kind of print that can go in just about any style of room. 

Minted has a large variety of beautiful and unique foil pressed artwork to choose from plus so much more. I had a hard time choosing between getting this USA map or getting a custom foiled print of my daughters footprints. 

Get the option to have any print by Minted professionally framed. My United States Map Foil Print came with seventeen different styles of frames to choose from. I chose the hand carved Whitewash Herringbone frame because I loved the unique hand crafted style of it. 

This is just part one of the girls room design so you will have to stay tuned for lots more to reveal. There is so much more I plan on adding to this room like detailed molding to the ceiling and mirrored panels to the built in craftsman style closet doors. But for now my little two year old is all moved in to her new digs. 

Its been over a month since we finished this room and it is such a joyous and wonderful addition to our dream house. This old craftsman home of ours is full of custom details and character so the custom mural fits right in. This house is loved and so are the people in it.


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