Top Errors Moms Make When Preparing A Healthy Meal For Their Family

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As moms, we always try and be the best chef possible for our kids. After all, we want our children to consume healthy and delicious meals. And we want them to actually enjoy the dishes. But when it comes to making healthy dinners for your family, it’s easy to run into mistakes. And then the dish turns into an unhealthy meal, rather than a healthy choice for your kids. Therefore, here are some top errors moms make when preparing a healthy meal for their family.

They make too much of the dish

We love to feed up our children so that we can ensure they are nice and full by the end of the meal. In fact, we encourage them to consume their whole plate, so it’s completely clear. But if you are filling it up too much, it could be turning their dinner into an unhealthy choice. Teaching healthy portion control is an important skill they can use the rest of their lives. Remember children don’t need the same portions as you as their stomachs are so much smaller! To ensure you don’t end up cooking too much, make sure you measuring your ingredients before cooking. It’s so easy to end up cooking way too much if you aren’t checking how much you are putting into the mixing bowl. And if you do have extra once you have finished cooking, you should put it away in the freezer. It will stop your family digging into extra portions. And not only this but then you can use the food for another meal during the week!

They don’t add enough fruit and vegetables

A lot of people make errors when it comes to healthy food. In fact, they often think particular dishes are healthy when they are not the best choice for their family. Therefore, you need to think twice before cooking certain meals for your family. It’s worth considering how you could make it healthier. As you know, it’s so important for your kids to get as much food and vegetables into their everyday diet. Therefore, if you want to make the meal healthier for your family, you should try and add these to the dish. There are some ways you can do it sneakily without your kids even realizing. For example, in a sweet and sour chicken dish, you could add some fruit and vegetables to the sauce. Or you might want to consider adding some fruit and vegetables to a traditional spaghetti bolognese dish. You can easily hide veggies in the tomato sauce. Adding fruit and vegetables to the meal will ensure it’s a lot healthier for your family!

They don’t try something a bit different

It’s easy to get into a routine when making healthy dishes for your family. For example, you might opt to make similar choices every time such as a chicken and vegetable dish or a delicious stir fry. But if you always go for the same dishes when preparing a healthy meal for your family, the kids are going to get bored. And then they might not tuck into the meal which will keep them healthy. Therefore, to ensure your kids get their fill, it’s time to try something a bit different. Have a look online and check out a few recipe books to see if you can find any recipes which catch your eye. There are so many great ideas out there that you should try for your family. And even if you try switching up your current recipes, it can turn the dish into something entirely new. For example, you could try making a vegetable lasagne instead of a traditional beef lasagne. It will be a lot healthier for your family, and the kids will enjoy trying something new. And if you want to make dinners more interesting, you could set a particular theme each night. For example, you could make a healthy ratatouille if you fancy having a French night. This delicious dish is super healthy if you pack it full of vegetables. You can check out a recipe on that is so easy to make. Or if you fancy doing an Indian night, opt for a healthy curry which is low on the cream and full of vegetables instead. Going for more exciting dishes will appease your kids and will ensure they consume their healthy dinner.

They don’t always think about food safety

You need to be so careful when it comes to making a healthy dish. After all, you don’t want your kid to end up with food poisoning or another condition which is going to leave their health in jeopardy. For starters, you should always keep up with food news, so you know if there are any recalls. For example, you can look on sites like to find out if there recalls or outbreaks that you need to know about. The last thing you want to do is make a dish using foods which are going to end up putting your kid’s health in danger. And you also need to be so careful when it comes to food safety. Ensure all the equipment you use has been washed properly. And make sure you wash all the food before you start preparing the healthy dish. Also, don’t forget to check the use by date of the food. After all, you don’t want to make food for your family which has gone off.

They don’t make it look appealing

It can often be challenging to make your kids eat a healthy meal when they would rather eat something else less healthy! And often the appearance of the food can not help to tickle their taste buds. After all, if it looks plain and boring, they aren’t going to be encouraged to eat the dish. Therefore, to ensure your kid consumes that healthy dinner, make sure the food looks appealing. After all, research has found people are more likely to consume and enjoy a meal if it’s well-presented! Therefore, go for bright colors which can help to encourage kids to take a bite. And make the food a lot more fun by making funny shapes and faces. After all, the healthy grub shouldn’t be boring if you want the kids to dig in. You can find some other ways to make the food more appealing on

They don’t get their kids to help out with the dish

You are more likely to get your kids to sit down and tuck into a dish if they have helped to prepare it. After all, it feels like they have played a part in the finished product, so they are excited to consume the meal. And then they will feel a sense of pride that they helped to make the dish. Therefore, to ensure your kids dig into the healthy meal, let them help you to prepare the food. It might be that you let them mix the sauce together in a bowl. Or they could even prep the veg for you while you are busy cooking. As well as ensuring they tuck into the dish, letting them help can develop their cooking skills. And also teach them some important lessons about healthy foods they should have when they are older!


They don’t think about the fat content in the food

Do you know how much fat is in that dish? A lot of moms don’t realize that the meal they just prepared is actually a lot unhealthier than they first thought. Therefore, to ensure the dish doesn’t turn into an unhealthy option, make sure you look at the content of the food you are making. There might be hidden fats you didn’t even know was in the grub. Checking this out before can ensure you make changes to remove the high-fat content so that the food is a lot healthier for your kids!

They offer sweet rewards if they eat the healthy meal

If your kids don’t want to consume their dinner, a lot of moms decide to use tactics such as offering them a sweet treat after. For example, they might suggest they get a delicious dessert if they do manage to eat all their vegetables. But as it says on, studies have shown this can make the vegetables less appealing. It can make the sweet treat seem a lot more valued than other foods, so they are less likely to consume their veg! Therefore, concentrate on trying to get them to enjoy the vegetables rather than bribing them to eat them!

It’s also important to think about how you are cooking the grub if you want to make sure it’s a healthy dish for your family. After all, if you are cooking the food in a deep fat fryer, it’s going to be a lot unhealthier than grilling the food. Therefore, always ensure you are using the healthiest devices to cook the meal. And that includes cookware too!

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