How To Celebrate Your Baby In The Sweetest Possible Way

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There is no more exciting time in your life than when you have a baby. From the moment you discover your pregnancy, your life will never be the same. This is a time for celebration. Whether you are planning a gender reveal party or a baby shower for your sweet little girl, you can create a beautiful event with a DIY candy buffet. You will be amazed at how easy and fun it will be. And, hold on to these tips, there will be lots more parties as you raise your baby girl.

Theme and colors
Of course, the theme is baby related so you will use props and decor for a baby girl. This can be anything from stuffed animals, to the jungle safari you are considering for the nursery. Your theme is unique to your taste. You will have no problem finding animal print, cartoon, baby-doll, or baby shower decor for your candy buffet and backdrop.

The color choices are obviously pastels in pink and white. But do not be afraid to go bolder. Use pastel pink and hot pink or red. Use pink and purple, or even pink and mint green. Whatever your color choices, limit them to no more than three colors, though different shades of the colors are fine.


The most important part of a candy buffet is the candy. You will need candy that is bought in bulk, as well as special candy and various designer candies. Your candy must stay in the color family of the theme. Your online candy supplier will give you the best-priced bulk candy. Choose tall jars for suckers, lollipops, rock candy sticks, candy straws, and other long candy treats. The center of the table is for medium size jars and this is the perfect place for bulk candy. Bulk candy can be mixed, layered, or individuals. The front of the table is for trays of special candy or the “One per person” candy. This is also where you will stage your take-home treat bags. You can expect to use 8-ounces of candy for each guest.

Tips For Your DIY Candy Buffet
  • Use taller containers in the back and various size vases and jars to create height and depth to the candy buffet. Wrap boxes in theme decor and place under the jars to make them taller.
  • Purchase about eight ounces of candy per guest. Specialty candy and personalized candy should be offered, one per guest. Fill the containers approximately 3/4 of the way
  • Add props and fillers to the table such as photographs of the parents as infants, candles, booties, rattles, and various shower items
  • Let your candy supplier know the type of candy and the colors and allow him to help you with your selection.
  • Each container needs a scoop or tongs. You can substitute large spoons with ribbons, or even small plastic shovels if you find them in your color scheme
  • Consider the season and venue before you decide on chocolate. If you decide to order chocolate, pay attention to the storage instructions.
  • Add personal touches and beauty to the table with banners, table covers, and runners, backdrops, ribbons, balloons, or infant items
Follow these easy steps and create a candy buffet that you and your guests will love and a memory that is irreplaceable.

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