2017: The Year of the Staycation? Four of the Best States to Travel To

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Travel can be pretty expensive, especially when you have a large family to think about. Travel is important, though, and can really broaden the mind and help us to experience things that we have never experienced before. For many Americans, it can be costly to go abroad. Unless you want to go to Canada or the Caribbean, then are quite far away from popular destinations in Europe, for example. So it is easy to see why many people vacation within the United States. The country is huge, and there is a lot to see and do. Plus, because of the size of the place, you still get the experience of being of going on a plane or taking a long road trip.

So if you are planning a staycation for this summer, where are some of the best states for you to go to? Here are a few ideas for you.



If you want a vacation full of fun, then Florida is a great choice for you. You can’t think of Florida without mentioning DisneyWorld in Orlando. So there is all of that to keep families entertained. You could also visit other parks like Universal Studios, Gatorland and Legoland. Florida is the home of great weather too, particularly in the spring and summer months. There are great beaches up and down the state if you just want to enjoy the sunshine, fishing and boating. You can have the best of both worlds in Florida.



If you are an outdoorsy kind of family, then taking a trip to Tennessee could be a really good option for you. It can often get a little overlooked as a vacation destination as it is land locked. But it there is plenty to do. There are the Great Smoky Mountains, for one thing, so you can enjoy the great outdoors and get walking or hiking. You might even spot some bears! The area also allows you to go out rafting, so might work best for families with older children. A city like Pigeon Forge could be a good choice to stay, as it is nestled in the mountains and it is also home to the ‘Dollywood’ theme park. So just look out for cabins in Pigeon Forge TN to stay in, to experience a proper Tennessee vacation.


Nevada is a pretty large state, and it can feel like there is a lot of nothing in between the cities. But there are lots of stunning national parks and recreation areas. The area to visit has to be Las Vegas, though. There is a lot to do and see; it really is a place like no other. Lake Las Vegas is also a good place to visit and take out a paddleboard, or head further and visit the Hoover Dam on the Nevada and Arizona border.



If you want a staycation, then the Golden State is another good choice. Great weather, great shopping, and lots of tourist attractions are the big draws. There are also great beaches and a variety of cities to choose from. San Francisco has to be experienced at least once, as well as Los Angeles and Santa Monica.

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