Take The Suffering Out Of Your Child's Sickness With These Tips

10:28 AM

Every parent knows how horrible it can be when your child is unwell. There’s nothing worse than not being able to take their suffering away. If your kids are ill, you might be feeling helpless. At this time of year, there’s no avoiding the fact that they’re going to pick up colds. If one child in their class has a cold, they’re likely to get it too. That’s just the way it goes. The good news is, you can ease your feeling of helplessness. All you need to do is follow these steps to ensure you’ve helped as much as possible.


The largest challenge you’ll face is getting your children to take medicine. No child will willingly drink down that bitter, threatening syrup. And don’t even start on getting them to swallow pills! No matter how many times you tell them it’ll make them feel better, they won’t budge. That’s why it’s important you get creative. Making medicine palatable will make a huge difference. You can keep what you’re doing quiet, or let them know. Either way, remember that you’re doing it for them. There are many ways you can disguise medicine. Custard and jam are lifesavers when it comes to hiding the taste. If you have plastic capsules of medicine, you could even sprinkle them in. That way, the medicine will be much easier for them to keep down!


Illness can make temperature control difficult. Help your child by ensuring your home is the temperature they need it to be. If they’re suffering from a fever, turn the aircon on. If they’re shivering, wrap them in blankets or turn the heat up. Make sure your aircon is up to the job by turning to a company like McGowans AC. Remember not to wrap them up too much, though. The fever may make them feel cold, but excessive heat could make them feel worse!


We all crave pampering when we’re ill. There’s something about feeling under the weather that makes us sorry for ourselves. Your children will be no different. Make sure you show them plenty of love. They’re sure to appreciate snuggling with you on the sofa. Try to coax them into eating by bribing them with their favorites. Turn to take-out if you must! It can be worth buying them a few treats, tool. Books and movies are best because they’ll keep your kid entertained. Treats like these can take the edge off their illness. They'll bring a little brightness to their suffering!


With many illnesses, a doctor isn’t necessary. If your kids have got a cold, there won’t be anything a doctor can do. If that cold goes on for longer than expected or seems more severe than you’d expect, it might be time for a visit to the doctor. Don’t let your little one suffer any more than they need to. The doctor could prescribe the perfect thing to make them feel better in no time!

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