Small, Cute And Good - The Power Of Mini For Crafters

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Do you know the French saying “Tout ce qui est petit est mignon”? It means everything that is small is cute, and while it may not be true for absolutely everything, the French got the right idea here. You don’t always need to have big items to get things done! Or you don’t need a crowded décor for a house to feel homely. So, dive into the crafting world of mini with three small and fun tips.

Minimalist Art For Your Craft Projects

Minimalism is a form of art that recenters the attention to the essential, or the essence of things if you prefer. Said like this, it may sound a little complicated but in truth, it is quite simple. Take a look at this minimalist film poster, for example. The details are left out to focus on the core meaning, and therefore you can easily recognize the film Gone With The Wind with the support of the wind visual and the blurry couple on the front. You didn’t need anything more to know what this was about. This is exactly what defines minimalist art. It shows you no more than what you need. If you are wondering how to repurpose this artistic approach in your craft lifestyle, you can give a minimalist touch to your Valentine’s day card: A heart says it all. Clear and pure shapes on a small format are important for a minimalist feel. Think icons; your smartphone is full of minimalist and mini symbols!

Minimalist Craft Tools That Do All You Need

Small space, big projects, this is the motto of mini craft tools that accompany your creativity without taking over the whole room! If you are a kawaii enthusiast, this form of Japanese culture that loves cute designs, you will have probably come across the popular mini stationery elements. Small pens, small scissors, tiny rulers, and still the same quality of use! Other craft areas are embracing the rule of mini and solving the nightmare of all the crafters who live in a small apartment and can’t get an entire warehouse to store all their favorite tools. You will find now everything from small sewing machines, click here for more info, to tiny hammers!

Minimalist Décor For A Sophisticated House

Sometimes less is more, as they say. And this is true in your home as well, as crowded interior décors can distract from the true purpose of a room. After all, if you fill your bedroom with a TV screen, a desk, a comfortable chair and a spinning bike in addition to your bed, it will become a little tricky to remember that this is supposed to be a room to sleep in. The basic rule of Feng Shui focuses on respecting the room function and not adding anything that would distract from it. A minimalist décor is a bit like going back to the roots too: It enhances the natural structure of your house and relies on fewer pieces of furniture as long as each one of them has been carefully selected for its quality and its function. A simply example is to go back to your bedroom: All you need is a high-quality bed to get the best possible sleep. There is no need for anything else! Additionally, minimalist décors use simple and natural colors, which gives your house a modern and sophisticated aspect. What is mini here is the distraction!

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