Mud for the Masses and How to Avoid It

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We are fast approaching Spring, which means a variety of different things for different people. For many it means a fresh start, blossoms adorning trees and hint of a warm breeze to get you excited for Summer.

For Moms, it means that their kids are more likely to want to play outside in the garden, in the street with their friends or go to the park. For Moms it means seeing children away from technology, taking in fresh air and playing with their companions. For Moms, it means dirt.

There are some hints, tips and tricks available to help with the dirt problem within the home. The turning of the seasons means that mud is everywhere, and if it’s not mud then it’ll be something else that they’ve picked up from outside. The questionable stains that start appearing on clothes lose their questionability after a week, as it just becomes too tiring to ask what it is when talking to somebody who genuinely cannot fathom it themselves. It’s always best to tackle them at the door before they start taking the dirt into the house and into other rooms.

Keep A Bucket By The Door

There are some occasions where clothes need stripping off immediately and flinging in a pre-made stain solution bucket. It may sound extreme, but until you have opened the door to an actual mud-monster (your child is underneath it all, somewhere … you think), be safe in the knowledge that it can also help with muddy socks and trousers.

Rack ‘Em Up

For shoes which are in a less than desirable state, make or buy a rack to put outside. Mud comes off a lot quicker when it is dry, so instead of being indoors and caking off dirt in your home, let nature work its magic where you don’t have to do as much cleaning work. The racks can be horizontal (as in shelf-like, to put your shoes on top) or vertical (poles to hang your shoes off, best suited to wellington boots but we’re not being picky here) to suit your tastes and space availability.

Steam It Away

If you haven’t already got one, the best steam cleaner you can get at this point would be practically any one you can. They will revolutionise your life; click it on just before you know they are due to come home and it will be ready to go and make dirt disappear before your very eyes. There aren’t many marks that steam can’t get rid of, so it will probably give your floor a new lease of life. Remember that it can’t really be used on carpets - you will need a proper carpet cleaner for that; you will also need to do all of the other stuff that you would do before you would start cleaning with a normal mop, like brushing up/vacuuming all the excess dirt.

Bring Out the Puddle Suits

Onesies are still in, right? You don’t have to send your child out to play in a onesie to avoid getting their clothes ruined, but there are waterproof all-in-ones available to purchase which will save you a job or three when they return from their adventures.

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