Make Your Fixer Upper House Fab For Your Family

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Buying a house, especially when you have a young family, can be a costly and stressful process. With house prices continually rising, many people are going down the fixer-upper route: purchasing a run-down property that needs lots of loving care. It can be hard work getting your home just as you’d like it, but it’s worth going the extra mile to make it great.

Your first priority should be ensuring that your new house is a safe environment for you and your family. Older homes are more likely to have been constructed using materials that are now considered to be dangerous. Therefore, if you’re in any doubt about this, find out about asbestos testing abatement and removal.. The peace of mind of knowing that your babies aren’t breathing in potentially toxic fumes will outweigh any of the costs involved.

Getting the electrical wiring tested for safety is also vital for older properties. This doesn’t have to cost a lot, and can be completed by a competent electrician within a very short time. Apart from safety concerns, you won’t be very comfortable in your new abode if you aren’t able to turn on the lights or use the cooker – so make sorting out your electrics a priority.

Are you going to have a new kitchen fitted as part of the renovations? There is a huge amount of choice out there, so take your time to find a solution that will accommodate you and your family. If you’d like to save a bit of cash, you can build your own kitchen counter or create your own cabinets  with a bit of work and a little know-how.

If your house has seen better days, an easy way to give it an instant update is by replacing the front door. Choose a ready-made option if it’s convenience you’re after, or design your own for a truly unique look. Updating the front door will also allow you to increase security, as old locks are often easy for burglars to manipulate and gain entry into your house.

Consider how you are going to store all the books, clothes, toys and other equipment that is part of your family. Put in some alcoves and shelving, and incorporate storage solutions as part of the design for bedrooms. There isn’t much point in spending loads of time and money on fixing up your new house if it’s going to look like a pig sty a week after you’ve moved in!

If your house still has some original features, like classic tiles or cornicing, consider restoring them to their former glory. Whether you do it yourself, or engage a professional, bringing back a little old-fashioned charm will give your house some serious style that wouldn’t be out of place in an interiors magazine!

Renovating an old house can be great fun and very satisfying when you get finished. But don’t be under any illusions – you will probably spend more than you planned, and you will get stressed out at times! The final result will make all that hard work worthwhile, and your home will be a true original: just like you and your family.

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