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The last thing you want when shelling out your hard earned cash each month is to be let down on some of the most important clothes. These are the ones that your kids go to school in, play games in and even sleep in so they need to keep them warm, safe and insulated.

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Poor, cheaply made clothing not only falls apart easily, giving rise to the term fast fashion, which means you need to spend even more money. Cheap clothes can also be a health and safety hazard if a child chews a button or stud loose and so outfits need to pass certain safety checks. If you've had a bad experience or are looking for a kids brand that actually cares about children check these out.

American Adorn

A well-known brand, American Adorn is a common online retailer of all kids clothing in the states. Having found a notable lack of quality, yet affordable children’s clothes the founders decided to set up a company that would offer organically produced, handmade, and colourful children's clothes for both sexes from newborn to around six years old. The brand's known for its open door policy, transparent business operations and it's eco-friendly, where possible, shipping process. From concept to finished garment each stage of production takes place on American soil, with the company having been certified as a Green Leaf Business. American Adorn currently has two, unique clothing lines one of which is an affordable, yet high quality value line while the other offers upscale designer clothes at a premium price.

Max And Dora

The charming, whimsical and fresh kids wear firm truly is a family business, even down to the very names which belonged to the founder's grandparents. The all-American brand is so committed to their customers, even though the economy has taken a downturn they would rather sell direct that send production overseas. Max & Dora offer innovative takes on classic styles like checked tops, denim jeans and striped tees as well as adding in cute, ballerina style skirts, tunic dresses, and fitted shorts. Looking for the perfect accompaniment to a Max & Dora dress? How about a pair of quality livie and luca purple leather boots designed especially for children's feet? As Max and Dora sell direct from Florida prices are kept low while materials are easily sourced.

Books To Bed

This adorable kids nightwear firm started out in 2005 selling children's sleepwear, with a sister brand selling kids sportswear. Books To Bed is based all around storytelling, the idea that kids love to read and that sharing a bedtime story is a reassuring, special moment between a child and their mom, or dad. Books To Bed stock a range of kids sleepwear suitable for babies all the way up to ten years old, and characters are available for both boys and girls including Angelina Ballerina, Pete The Cat and Princess And The Pea. Nightdresses and Pajamas are 100%  soft cotton, flame retardant and made in the USA so they definitely won't cause any red marks or scratch sensitive skin. The Snuggle Moon line features cute, funny and silly matching sleep socks for kids instead of books.

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