Gift-Buying For Your Rich Friend? Get It Right First Time With This Easy Guide

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We all know someone who is notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. Usually, this is the person in our family or friendship group who has a taste for the finer things in life; therefore most gifts that we know they would appreciate are out of our price range. This can make events such as Christmas and birthdays a little awkward, even if the friend or family member in question is as nice about it as can be. Giving gifts is something many of us enjoy doing, so it only makes sense that we buy something that we know is going to be well-received. So if money IS an issue for you when buying presents (we all have to budget, right?) here are some more affordable gift ideas for your fanciest of friends.

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Beautiful jewelry

If your friend or family member really does appreciate the finer things in life, they will probably value quality over quantity. That's why it's not exactly worth your while to get them lots of small, cheap gifts when you know deep down they won't get any use out of them anyway. With this in mind, why not speak to some other people who are buying the same person a gift and suggest clubbing your money together for one big present? This way, you could invest in something really special, such as a diamond necklace or a beautiful silver ring - something you know the recipient will truly value. Plus, jewelry is also a great gift as it is something which lasts forever, and it is rarely something anyone purchases for themselves.

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After-dinner treats

Most people who have been used to a lifetime of luxury enjoy quality food and drink. Whilst you may not be able to treat your friend to an expensive meal at their favorite restaurant, you can buy them some after-dinner treats that you know they'll love. The concept of a cheeseboard is something most of us are used to around Christmas time, but if your loved one wants to indulge in that luxury on a more frequent basis, a Cheese Gift Hamper could be the perfect present. Or you could invest in some quality wine or whisky for them, if they enjoy a late-night tipple.

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One thing that never goes out of fashion no matter how rich you are, is a good book. Books are pretty affordable regardless of your income, and they are something that pretty much everyone appreciates. After all, is there any better way to spend a winter's evening than being cozied up with a cup of tea and a good book? Play to your friend's tastes with a book that reflects their personal interests. If they are a lover of high fashion, consider getting them a designer's biography or a book about modern fashion history. Are they a professional entrepreneur? Inspire them with a book about a business tycoon, such as Richard Branson. The notion of coffee table books has also become more popular in recent years, so for the style-conscious they can be a great gift.

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