Dinner's Up! Cooking Shouldn't Have To Be A Pain

10:30 AM

If your home doesn’t revolve around what goes down in the kitchen, it’s quite clear that you’re probably investing in far too many takeaways!

A good home pretty much always has a well-used kitchen. The trouble is that with work and the stresses of life, sometimes we don’t exactly what to spend ages in the kitchen chopping, stirring and frying only to have to clean up after. By the time you’re finished, it’s usually time for bed and you might chalk it up to another day wasted.

If this sounds like you, maybe a slight change in thinking could help out.

Now, many people find it hard to cook - but the trouble is that cooking is a necessity - especially in family life. Cooking can be hard, because sometimes, we try and run before we can walk and most might have trouble baking a potato, because they haven’t put the time into understanding the basics of cooking.
Knowledge, once again, is power. Knowing the difference between a simmer and a boil is going to help stop kitchen confusion and actually understanding what either of those two cooking methods actually do to ingredients will help you further. Arming yourself with knowledge of ingredients and cooking techniques isn’t going to harm you at all.

It might also be that you’re trying to cook dishes that might be beyond you. If you’re getting stressed out with a dauphinoise - why not try some simple mashed potatoes? It’s not exactly a relegation. Find simple dishes with similar ingredients and slowly build your way forward. Why would you try to take a beef roast with all the trimmings on, when you don’t even know how to cook beef? Take it one step at a time, learn how to make simple dishes, learn how to then expand on them then try and really test yourself. Sometimes, preparing a three-course meal doesn’t have to be handled alone - maybe you could get help with dessert (http://www.allcakeprices.com/costco-cakes-and-prices/)? It’s not exactly cheating if you’ve made two thirds of the meal! Sometimes, starting from scratch and taking too much on can be an absolute disaster and all three courses could be ruined - so don’t neglect buying courses in to help lay the foundations of a meal.

It’s important to experiment as well. It’s all well and good skimming a cookbook, but your brain should be rippling with cooking ideas - not simply obeying instructions. Cooking isn’t an authoritarian regime you have to bow to, it should be something where you can bend the rules to achieve the rules you desire.

The reason that cooking might be too difficult for you is because you might be jumping too far ahead of your current skillset. Your family aren’t going to judge you if you serve up some simple, delicious home cooking! Remove the stress from your kitchen and focus on the basics and prop up your cooking knowledge with a great foundation of simple recipes. From there, you can branch off and become a master of the kitchen in no time at all!

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