Clever Ways For Moms To Make Money At Home

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Staying at home with the kids, when they are small can be a valuable experience. You are there to provide them with supervision, and comfort when they need it. You are also on hand for any emergencies that may arise. But it can be tough to stay at home in the modern day because everything is so expensive. So without two salaries it can feel like you are struggling to get by. But there is a solution to this problem and its working from home as a mom. Read the post below for some suggestions as to what you can do to keep earning while being an at home mom.

Writing and Graphic Design

Popular job for moms working from home include writing and graphic design. If you choose writing you need to be aware that you probably won’t get to write a novel, though, it's more writing adverts or copy for websites instead.

You can pick up writing or graphic design jobs on a freelance basis using a site like Fiverr or people per hour. Or you can try setting up your own website.


But do be aware that if you use freelance sites, a significant amount of your time will be filled up with searching out and bidding for the work. You will also need to expend some effort it getting your feedback scores up on these sites. As newbies with little experience can find it something of a struggle, securing any of the better-paid work.

Direct Sales

An innovative way of earning some cash while staying at home with the kids is to get involved in direct sales. This is where you act as a representative for companies like Avon, and sell their products to friends and family.

As there is a large social aspect to being a mom, at the school gates or playgroup, you will have the opportunity to teach a wide audience of people. This will allow you to make a lot of sales and get a good commission rate.

You can also try your hand at organizing some demonstration parties, where people get to come along and have a go with the products you are selling. Just remember to make them as fun as possible by including games like The Hawaiian Drawing Game. You can check it out here. Alos don't push your products too hard, as some people can get really turned off buying something by that.


Another that you can make an income from home, while you look after the kids is to try your hand at blogging. Blogging provides certain advantages that other work from home posts don't.

For example, you get to write about things that you love or that are very important to you like your favorite movies or games or charitable causes.

Also, successful bloggers will discover that they will have the opportunity to get free products in return for a review posted on their site. This can be brilliant if you are blogging about being a mom, as you can receive all sort of baby and child products. As well as plenty of toys to keep the little ones amused while you write out your next post.


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