Celebrating Your Kids’ Winter Birthdays: How To Do It Right

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It’s sometimes hard to get a winter birthday just right. It’s either right before Christmas or right after, which means it often gets overshadowed – and either way, it often seems a lot easier to think of party ideas for summer birthdays. It’s a shame that you can’t really hire a bouncy castle and let the kids run riot in January and February like you can in July! Here are some tips on how to make winter birthdays the best.
Plan Your Gifts Carefully

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There’s very little that’s more cruel to kids than giving them half their gift for Christmas and then the other half on their birthday, so make sure that you separate them off as different events and that you celebrate their birthday all on its own. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get birthday gifts that complement your Christmas ones. If your kid wants a toy kitchen, then buy that for Christmas before following it up with a load of toy food and utensils for their birthday. Don’t worry about getting them toys that are only really suited to summer like trampolines and playhouses – when else will they get them? You’ll probably see them braving the cold to try out their new gifts anyway! If you’re at a loss and they already seem to have everything they need, go for gifts like art supplies, books and clothes like Moncler Kids which are suitable for all seasons – you can never have enough of those things!
Hire An Indoor Space

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You’ve probably already established that you don’t want to hold your party outside and deal with twenty kids with frostbite and hypothermia. Instead, why not hire out your local soft play centre? The kids will be in a safe environment where they’ll be able to play, the centre will help with providing food, cake and decorations, and you can provide some snacks for parents who want to chat to each other while they’re waiting for their kids. You could also have a disco – hire a hall, get together a playlist of pop music like Katy Perry and One Direction, and make sure the kids are dressed up in their finest party dresses before dancing the night away.
Theme Your Party Around Winter

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If you’d rather not ignore winter and you want to include it in your child’s birthday party somehow, then why not make it a winter themed celebration? Frozen is probably a word that you’ve heard many times in your home, so why not hire Elsa and Anna entertainers and base the party in the magical world of Olaf and his pals? If your child is too young to appreciate Frozen, or if they’ve grown out of it, then you could go for icy white decorations – get the guests to make snowflakes that you can hang from the ceilings, get a hot chocolate bar that the kids can add their own marshmallows and sprinkles to, do a freeze dance, and have the kids glue cotton balls on paper to make their very own snowman. Of course, if it’s actually snowy outside then you could take them tobogganing or at the very least you could all make birthday snow angels.

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