10 Unmissable Tips Every Mom Needs To Make Their Child's Bedroom A Safe And Healthy Place

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When it comes to your child’s bedroom, you want to make sure it’s perfect for your little one. After all, bedtimes are challenging enough without having the extra worry of making sure your child is going to be safe in their room. Therefore, when creating the room for your child, you need to ensure it’s going to be good for their health and wellbeing. That way, your kid will have a great night’s sleep and will wake up fresh in the morning. And they can play in the room without you having to panic about them getting hurt. Therefore, here are some unmissable tips every mom needs to make their child’s bedroom a safe and healthy place.

Ensure you clean under the bed

It’s so important to make sure you keep on top of cleaning your child’s bedroom. After all, it will stop dust building up in the room which can affect your child’s health. It can cause your kid to sneeze, and if they already suffer from allergies, it can bring on an attack. Also, without a proper clean, dirt will build up in the room which could potentially harm your kid. Therefore, you need to ensure you clean it regularly to ensure it stays a healthy area for your child. And one place which often gets forgotten about is underneath the bed. After all, you are bound to just clean around the bed and not touch underneath. But there could be piles of dust underneath the bed which could cause your child to have sleepless nights. Therefore, don’t forget to clean this area regularly too for the sake of your kid’s health.

Make sure the room is nice and airy

There’s nothing worse than a stuffy room for your kid. After all, it can cause them to pick up flu bugs and will see them coughing in the night. But it’s so easy to become this way during the summer. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep the windows open for a short time during the day. That way, it can ensure your child gets some air in the room. Also, you should make sure your air con system works in the kid’s room too. That way, they can stay a comfortable temperature during the night. After all, they will struggle to sleep if it’s too hot in the room.

Wash their sheets regularly

It’s also so important that you make sure your kid’s bed sheets are washed regularly. It’s easy when you are a busy mom to make sure you do it every week. But to ensure your child stays healthy, it’s a must to do it regularly. After all, over time, it’s easy for dirt and hair to build up on the bed. And it might end up causing your child to get irritated skin in the night. And they might start coughing if they inhale the dirt. Therefore, take the sheets off and put them through the wash so that all dirt is removed quickly. And make sure you also clean the duvet cover and the pillowcases to keep your child healthy in their bedroom.

Fit the bed with a comfortable duvet

When it’s time for your child to go to bed, you want them to be nice and snug so they drift off quickly. And then you hope for them to sleep as long as possible so you can get some essential shut eye. But if they don’t have a comfortable duvet, they will end up waking up sooner rather than later in the night. And they could start shivering which will put them at higher risk of picking up bugs. Therefore, you should opt for a cozy duvet which will keep them warm in the night. That way, they can pull it around them and stay comfortable. And you should opt for a wool duvet for your kid’s bedroom. Not only will it ensure your little one stays cozy, but it will ensure their skin doesn’t get irritated in the night. As this feature says, wool is naturally resistant to dust mites and mold. So your child will stay healthy while they get those important forty winks!

Make sure all furniture is sturdy

It’s so important to make sure that you always build the furniture for your child’s bedroom correctly. After all, you don’t want your kid to be playing or sleeping in the room and then get hurt as the furniture isn’t sturdy and falls on them. Therefore, make sure it's completely secure and bolted before you let the kids in the room. And as discussed in this article, when it comes to shelving units and dressers in the bedroom, you could always secure them to the wall. That way, you don’t have to worry about them tipping over and hurting your child. And if you are worried about doing it yourself, consider hiring someone to do it for you. After all, a professional will make sure the furniture will stay in good form.

Store toys in boxes

It’s so easy for a ton of items to build up in your little one’s room. After all, they have millions of toys which seem to gather in their bedroom. But if they are left out on the floor in your little one’s room, they could soon become a trip hazard. And then your child could end up falling over and hurting themselves if they get up in the night. Also, you could be in danger if you fall over and end up knocking into items on the floor. Therefore, you need to store the items in boxes so that they don’t become a danger to your kid. You can easily pick up some good sturdy boxes which you can put on the side in the bedroom. You could even get ones which have your child’s name on, so it’s extra special for your little one. And make sure after a day of playing that you put all the toys back in the box!

Watch out for signs of pests

A lot of moms don’t think about pests as an issue in their kid’s bedroom. But if you want to ensure the safety and health of your child, you need to watch out for signs of the pests in your child’s room. Unfortunately, pests like bedbugs and termites could easily be in your kid’s bedroom. And they can easily be brought into your home by other people or even items that have been delivered in the post. And if pests are in your kid’s bedroom, it could lead them to get itchy skin in the night. Also, a lot of pests can cause your child to have allergies so they might end up with an attack in the night. If you do spot pests in your home, you can look into 24 Hourly Pest Control so that an exterminator can come out and get rid of them quickly. And then make sure you vacuum and clean the room after so that it stays a pest-free environment.

Ensure the windows are safely shut

You might be surprised to know that around 10 children a year die from a fall in their home. And a significant number of these is through the window in their bedroom. After all, it’s so easy for your little one to get up to the window and push it open. And if nothing is stopping them, they could easily fall out of the window. Therefore, for the sake of your child’s safety, you should ensure you get some window guards which will stop them opening too far. That way, it can let air into the bedroom without putting your kid in danger.

Keep hot radiators covered

Your child’s bedroom is bound to have a radiator. After all, there tends to be one in every room in the house. And if your radiators get hot in the home, it could potentially cause a burn to your kid. After all, they might not realize they are hot and go to touch it when you are not looking. And then you will end up down at A&E for your kid’s injury. Therefore, you need to make sure you get a cover for your radiator. It will work as a shield to ensure the room gets hot without putting your kid at risk of getting burnt!

Avoid pets sleeping in the room

As much as your kid will want to sleep next to their pet, you should try and keep their sleeping quarters separate while they are young. For one thing, the pet hair isn’t very hygienic in their bedroom. And if they have fleas, the pests could easily bite your child in the night. Therefore, make a sleeping area for your pet downstairs. That way, your kid’s room can remain a healthy and safe environment for your little one.

And you need to make sure that their bedroom is close to yours. That way, you can keep an eye on your kid, and you will hear if they need your assistance in the night. If they are the other side of the house, you might not be able to get to them quickly. Therefore, keep them close to ensure your little ones stay safe in the property.
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