The Truth About Feeding Your Baby

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There are so many misconceptions out there about feeding your baby. Knowing what’s best for your baby is important, as you want them to grow into happy, healthy children and adults. Here’s the truth about feeding your baby:

No Baby Is Allergic To Their Mother’s Milk
There are sometimes myths that a baby is allergic to their mother’s milk. This might be because the baby is sick, won’t latch on very well, have some type of other reaction. However, it’s impossible for a baby to be allergic to their mother’s milk. The baby may be allergic to something the mother is eating, but that’s all. You should definitely try nursing your baby, as there are lots of benefits and nothing to be worried about. Later on, you could switch to a healthy organic baby formula.


Breast Milk Is All Your Baby Needs
Some people think that they need to supplement their baby’s diet with water. However, breast milk is all your baby needs, unless you’ve been advised otherwise by a qualified practitioner. The only time you should introduce water to your baby is when they are eating solid food, at around 4-6 months old.

Babies Shouldn’t Be Given Cow’s Milk Until Their First Birthday
Your baby shouldn’t be switched onto cow’s milk until their first birthday, if that’s what you’re planning on doing. However, some studies show that switching to cow’s milk can be detrimental to health. After all, no other animal on the planet drinks another animal’s milk. That being said, this is your choice. If your child could be prone to putting on weight, you can give them a lower fat milk.

Your Baby Won’t Necessarily Have An Allergic Reaction if You Do
Worried that your baby is going to pick up your allergies too? It can happen, but it isn’t always an issue. All you need to do is be smart when it comes to your triggers. Chances are, your baby hasn’t picked up your allergy at all. If you’re worried, make sure you speak to a professional.

Sugar Doesn’t Actually Make Your Child Hyper
You’d be forgiven for thinking this. Of course there are reasons to limit sugar in a diet, like oral health and making sure your child stays healthy. However, sugar doesn’t actually make your child hyper. It’s usually the activity or situation itself that makes your child hyper, like a kid’s party. Think about it; if your child is running around with a load of excited kids, they are going to get pretty excited too. Sugar won’t cause bad behaviour, but it could cause a bit of a slump later on. Behaviour isn’t a reason to limit sugar, but moderation and health are!

Now you know the truth about feeding your baby. Make sure you do lots of your own research and come to your own conclusions. After all, the way you feed your child is your prerogative, providing your goal is to keep them as healthy as possible. Leave your own thoughts and experiences below. Thanks for reading!

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