The Perfect Beauty Gifts For The Man In Your Life

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A beautiful thing has happened in recent years, and men’s beauty has become a major industry. No longer is it acceptable (or even considered manly) for a man to smell like unwashed shirts and let their beards grow into a straggly mess. We are well and truly in the era of the well-kept man! Not only is this great for our noses, but it also opens up a whole new world of opportunity for gift ideas too. If your man enjoys a bit of preening, or you want to suggest to him that he ought to, here are some great beauty gift ideas for this Christmas.

Wash Set
It’s not just Old Spice anymore - scented men’s shower gels, shampoos, and conditioners are all the rage, and some of them are pretty delicious. Molton Brown’s Iconic Washes gift set consists of three of their signature men’s body wash fragrances, each as heavenly and manly as the next.

Shaving and Beard Care
Big bushy beards are all the rage, and I can’t say I’m upset about it. If your man is rocking the lumberjack look, get him something to take care of it. A good quality razor and shaving brush are essential to keep his skin soft and his beard neat. A pot of beard oil is an absolute must to keep his beard soft and stop it from being itchy for either of you.

Nosehair Trimmer
Although this might seem like a comedy gift, as your man gets older, expect him to get more hirsute, making a nose hair trimmer quite necessary. There will be hairs poking out of everywhere, so a nose hair trimmer really is a sensible gift if he wants to keep his dignity. He needs one, he just doesn’t realise it yet.

Men’s aftershave and colognes are becoming an industry almost as big as women’s perfume. More and more men are now after their signature scent, so hundreds more options have flooded into the market. The best thing about buying your man a scent for Christmas is that you can choose the one you like, as well as the one you expect he will like.

Skincare Collection
Men’s skin needs cleansing and moisturizing just as much as women's, especially in winter when the change in temperature and humidity can cause some serious dry skin issues. He’s going to be much happier using a moisturizer created for men than he will when he uses your pretty, girly scented lotion.

Mens Manicure Set
It’s no longer acceptable for men just to bite and tear their nails when they’re getting a bit long. More and more men are moving towards man-manicures to keep their nails in tip-top condition, and we can’t really complain.

So if your guy is starting to take a bit more pride in his appearance, or you’d like him to, a manly beauty gift set might just be the way forward for you. To be fair, a nice tub of beard oil will make a great stocking filler either way.

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