Preparing For The Holidays: How To Perfect Your Home For Christmas

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This time of year, you might be looking around your home and wondering what on earth’s happened to it. We spend more time in our houses this time of year than at any other time as the nights are dark and the weather is cold and unpleasant, and it’s very easy to let your house turn into a bit of a mess when it’s always in use. Here’s a five step guide on how to prepare your home for Christmas…
Declutter Your Surfaces
When your friends and relatives come to visit, it isn’t ideal to have the surfaces and floors of your home full of clutter and your discarded belongings! Make sure that you’ve cleaned up the clutter in your house. Start with the rooms that your guests will be in and then move onto your bedrooms. Go through each room and divide the clutter into three piles – one that you want to keep, one to be thrown away, and one to be donated to charity. Marie Kondo, queen of tidying, says that you should keep only the possessions that spark joy in you.
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Get Cleaning!
If your house is a little more dusty than you’d like, now is the time to remedy that. Take ten minutes to dust the surfaces in each room with a soft microfiber cloth to prevent you from having to use aerosol sprays, and vacuum your carpets and rugs to make them spic and span. If your vacuum cleaner doesn’t suck up as much dust as you’d like it to, look online for the best upright vacuum cleaners to get a new one. Make sure that your oven and fridge are clean for all the Christmas cooking you’ll do.
Meal Plan In Advance
To prevent yourself from getting flustered, it’s a good idea to plan your meals in advance. Not only will that stop you from buying too much food, but it will also ensure that you don’t snack too much between meals! Just make sure that you’re flexible – you want to be able to fully enjoy feasting during your holiday season!
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Make Sure Your Home Is Warm
There’s nothing worse than sitting in someone else’s cold house over winter, so you need to make sure that you create a hospitable environment for your guests. Make sure that your house is well insulated. A lot of warmth escapes through the roof, so make sure that that’s fully insulated. You should also make sure that your pipes are insulated too, so that none of your guests are deprived of their morning showers by frozen pipes! Ensure that there are no draughts in your house by checking all your doors and windows.
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Get Christmas Decorating
Choose a holiday colour scheme to decorate your home in – red and gold is homey and always popular! Go for a real tree if you love the smell of pine, and decorate with sparkling golden lights. Make sure you turn them off at night and when you’re not home – fairy lights can be a fire hazard.

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