Oops! Common Mistakes Families Make In December Which Could Lead To Costly Renovations

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December is one of my favorite times of the year. After all, we have Christmas and New Years to look forward to. But the joyous month can bring a lot of trouble for families. After all, the decorations and the chilly weather can cause many issues in your humble abode. Therefore, you need to be so careful so that you don’t end up running into trouble at this time of year. Here are some common mistakes families make in December which could lead to costly renovations.

Leaving candles on in the home

Delicious smelling candles are one of my favorite things about Xmas. After all, you can get some great mulled wine and gingerbread candles that you can put in your home. And they will impress your guests when they come over to swap presents. However, you need to make sure you are so careful when it comes to candles in your home. After all, if you leave one on when you head to bed, you could wake up to find a fire in your home. And then you will not only put your family in danger, but you could be heading down the insurance route to pay for all your damaged items! Therefore, before you go out or head to bed, you need to make sure that you blow out all the candles in your home. And move them out of harm's way so that they won’t fall and burn out.

Not preparing the home for bad weather

In December, the weather takes a turn for the worst. You can expect frosty mornings and foggy nights. Although people know it’s coming, a lot of families don’t prepare for the bad weather. But if you don’t weatherproof your home, you could be forking out lots of money after winter. Therefore, you need to make sure your windows and doors are properly sealed. And make sure the roof is in good condition to withstand the severe weather. Also, any outbuildings in your yard such as log cabins need to be stained so that they won’t be damaged during the cold months. You can learn more from Weatherall about products which will keep it in tip top condition.

Not putting the decorations up safely

So many people love to go overboard when they do their Christmas decorations. It might mean they put up a lovely Christmas tree and they often put lights on the front of their home. But it’s so important to make sure you are putting the decorations up safely. You don’t want to end up cutting off all the electrics in your home as something has gone wrong with your decorations. And you need to make sure the lights doesn’t cause damage to your brickwork. Therefore, don’t drill them in which will cause lasting damaging to your home. You can find more help and advice on hanging lights in this article. And make sure they are all switched off at night to keep your family safe while tucked in bed!

And remember to make sure that presents are kept out of view of your windows. Otherwise, you could end up with a break in over the Christmas holidays. As we said here, you should fit an alarm so that you are alerted that someone is trying to come in and steal your gifts!


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