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If you're just now getting into the world of makeup, follow these easy steps to becoming a pro!

Before you do anything - moisturise! You need to get your skin feeling soft and smooth, so your makeup won't look dry on top. Any cream works, but if you suffer from particularly dry (or oily) skin, have the right product to fit accordingly to your skin type.

Starting with the eyes instead of the foundation first, isn't an obligation, but it tends to be a lot better if you have any fallout from the eyeshadows - it won't stick to your just-applied foundation.
Colour all depends on what you like, don't be afraid to stand out with a bright colour! This is the beauty of makeup; there are no rules. Make sure you have the right brushes to apply your eyeshadow, and don't forget to blend blend blend.

Once you have your eyes done, put on your favourite mascara. You can stop there, or if you want a more dramatic look; apply some false lashes. Make sure you have a good glue, and some tweezers with you (it makes it 10 times easier to put your lashes on more accurately.) When you apply the glue to your lashes, wait a while for it to get tacky otherwise, they won't stick properly to your lash line.

Now you can add your foundation; it should match your skin colour so it looks natural, (you don't want to be orange!) Then with a beauty blender (preferably a little damp,) push the foundation onto your skin, making sure it goes on evenly. Bring it down onto your neck too so your face doesn't look a different colour to the rest of your body.

Contouring is a trick that creates the illusion of shadows. So it works great if you want to slim down your nose, create the look of cheekbones, and shrink your forehead. Just apply a darker shade of your skin on the areas you want to make a shadow, and blend it well, so you don't have any harsh lines anywhere.

This is the fun bit, get a highlighter (a shimmering light cream, powder or liquid) and add it to the highest point of your face, like the middle of your nose, the top of your cheekbones, and on your brow bone; anywhere that the light would hit your face. And when it does, you will have a wonderful glow.

Do you want a bold red lip, dark lip, nude lip or even an ombre lip? There are so many options to choose from. If you do go for a lipstick, line your lips first, not only does this hold the lipstick, it will prevent it from smudging, especially when you sweat.

Setting Spray
Now close your eyes and finish everything off with a spritz of setting spray. This holds your makeup and increases the length of time that it lasts throughout the day.

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