I Binged Watched Gilmore Girls Just To Cope With Painful Breast Feeding

12:03 AM

I am new to the Gilmore Girls fan club. Even though it came on air during my first year of college and I seem like a perfect example of thier target audience (silly young white female, who loves her mom and talking a lot) I never saw a single episodes till just this year.

I just had a baby earlier this year in July and desperately needed a distraction while nursing my baby. Breast feeding for me has always been soooooo painful! There is usually a lot of special swear words that come flying out of my mouth when the baby latches on, swear words I didn't even know I knew how to say. If jesus himself were standing in the room when I started nursing my baby I still wouldn't be able to stop the onslaught of foul language escaping through my clenched teeth. It's that bad. So with how distressing breast feeding is for me I needed to find a show that was the opposite of that. No matter how much I love my heavy dramas, things like the Walking Dead were just not going to work.  So I thought I would check out the Gilmore Girls and all its fluffiness. I started watching it initially because it was such a light show and I didn't have to worry about needing to watch "just one more episode" when i needed to get other stuff done. It was easy for me to put the show away when  my breast feeding session with my baby was done. It was a little light watching to pass the time. What kept me coming back for more was the delicious dialog. I could just eat up all the witty banter and clever one liners with a spoon! I kept having moments where I tried to memorize a funny line Lorelai said, because I just had to use it in real life. As I breast fed my way through each episode the more I wished I could hang out with this mom and daughter duo, or at least start talking like them.  Wouldn't these two characters be a blast to take on a girls road trip? It would be epic. I wrapped up all seven season in just four short months. I can literally clock how many hours of breast feeding I have put into this kid by calculating the time I spent watching the Gilmore Girls.

It wasn't until the last season when I found myself franticly googling for more information about the reunion show, and acing the Facebook quizzes that I realized that I had become a Gilmore Girls fan. I had slowly fallen in love with Stars Hallow and all of its silly characters and I didn't want to say goodbye.

I counted down the days leading up to the release of  "A year in the life" with as much enthusiasm as the long time fans who have been waiting for far long than I have. Instead of curling up with the usual bucket of popcorn and a warm blanket I curled up with my baby girl once more to now nurse our way through the much anticipated reunion show. It was like a cozy  hug watching those first scenes. Like they were telling me "Welcome back Julia, We missed you to!" I didn't even mind the plot holes or the really weird musical part in the middle of episode three because hearing all the old witty banter and seeing all the familiar characters was such a treat.  Episode four was definitely the cherry on top though. Thank you so much Netflix for finally giving us a Gilmore wedding!  The gazebo never looked so beautiful. The whole ending was like a little present to the viewers, saying "Here you go, I got you just what you wanted for Christmas." And just when you thought this was goodbye forever, since they were wrapping up everything so nice a pretty for us, Rory said those famous last four words. Was that a wink that there could still be more to come? I sure hope so. Hopefully next time when I sit down with my fiends Lorelai and Rory to find out what they have been up to it will be a much less painful experience. But one thing is for certain one day I will definitely be watching this show with a Mother-Daughter duo of my own, telling my daughter about all the fun times we had watching this when she was just a baby, and how this show helped get me though a tough couple of months with a newborn.


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