How You Can Keep Your Home Safe Without Compromising On Style

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What with all the scary things we hear on the news these days, it's no wonder than so many of us are worried about our own safety and security. When you have children, that worry and fear goes up by tenfold! Our little ones were brought into our lives, after all, for us to protect, and our instincts mean that we are very passionate about it. While most of us know that half the things we see on the news are very unlikely to ever happen to us, it's partially the reason why so many parents take preventative methods to ensure their homes are as safe as can be. But one problem many people face is making their homes safe without completely ruining their aesthetic. Some security measures can be unsightly and therefore detract from the rest of your property. In order to avoid this, take a look at these top measures for security and privacy that don't take over your whole home.

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Alarms and home security systems

A few years ago, home alarm systems used to be huge bulky things that sat either in your hallway or on your landing. Many homes that were built during the last ten years may actually come with these already installed. But, it's safe to say that they don't look all that good - with most of them having the general appearance of a toolbox that's been stuck to the wall. If this sounds like your current home security system, you can take one of two options. You can move it into the under-stairs cupboard or bathroom conversion so it is more out of view. Or, you can replace it with a more chic, modern system. Many modern home security systems also have the added benefit of looking more like speakers or other pieces of technology. So, if thieves ever did break into your home, they may be hoodwinked by your security and won't think to cover them up like they would with normal cameras.

Fences and gates

Fences and gates can be a great way to add value to your home as well as increasing the security factor. At the very least, you should have a fence around your back garden with a lockable gate. But some people also choose to have a fence gate around the front of their home too. If your children have a habit of playing in the front yard, this may be a good option for you to consider. Many gates also now have advanced locking technology, so you can abandon the typical latch system for a high-tech magnetic or keyed lock.

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Doors and windows

Having sturdy doors and windows is a must when it comes to protecting your family home. They are regarded by burglars as the weakest spots in a home, so they will be the first places they target when attempting to gain entry. If your windows often fall victim to seasonal expansion or if you can't quite shut them properly, you may want to think about getting them replaced. Choosing a solid wood front door for your property also means that you will be at less risk of any imposters entering your home - plus, they look impressive too. Home security doesn't need to be garish or unsightly, so try your hand at mixing style with safety.

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