How To Choose Personal Christmas Gifts Like A Pro

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Every year Christmas rears its head, and we all start panicking that we’re completely unprepared. We have no idea what to buy anyone, what they’d even like and for whom we even need to get presents. It’s bedlam every time, and eternally stressful. So what if I told you that you could be a Christmas present buying pro? Spend some time preparing (preferably before December comes around, but just use whatever time you have left), sit down with a pen and paper, and let’s get organized. It doesn’t have to be torturous, just follow these simple pointers.

List their interests
Start by writing down everything you know this person loves. Spend some proper time over it, a good few minutes, and properly think about it. Once you’ve got a few things on paper start brainstorming gift ideas that go with each interest, it doesn’t matter how big or small. You’re obviously not going to buy everything on the list, but you might just hit gold. For example, if your mom loves going out to fancy restaurants, you might consider beautiful jewelry as a gift, and if your brother is a huge soccer fan a signed team shirt might make the perfect present. It’s all about considering what they love.

Consider what they need
We all complain that they “have everything they could ever want” and that we’ll never find anything for them, but really think about it. Think broader than hobbies - consider their career, their relationships, and their home. If you know a mom who buys everything she could ever want, but she never gets a moment to spend by herself, then treat her to a spa voucher and organize the child care. It’s about properly thinking about the life and needs of the person for whom you're buying.

If they really do have everything they could ever want, buy them an experience. If they love the Blues Brothers but already have the DVD, soundtrack CD, and any relevant books, then buy them tickets to see it in the theater.

Personalize it
Particularly useful if you’re a bit short on cash, make them something personal that they’ll always remember you by. If you can knit, a wooly scarf will always come in handy, or you could make them an old-school mixtape or piece of art.

Be generous
Don’t scrimp, spend time saving up for Christmas so that you can spend a good amount on everyone. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on each family member, but if you’re buying someone something, you may as well go for the better quality version. If you’re buying Christmas jewelry gifts for your mom, get her something exquisite and extraordinary. Generosity goes a long way.

Wrap it beautifully
Don’t spend all your hard earned cash on the perfect gift and wrap it in a newspaper or plain gift wrap. Go to town with the beautiful wrapping paper and ribbon, and make the whole thing feel more like a special event. For young kids, it’s so fun if you actually make it into a special event with a scavenger hunt.

Most of all, keep it personal. Don’t just buy gift sets because they’re easy, spend some time thinking about the individual, their loves, and their hobbies, and you’re guaranteed to get them the perfect gift.

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