Gifts To Give To An Entire Family This Christmas

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When you’ve family friends that have a family themselves, you can sometimes want to get something for everyone. But, if you did that with each of your buddies, you could find yourself all out of money, real fast. Instead, why not give a gift that the entire family can all enjoy together.

Maybe you know that the family likes a particular sport, TV show, food type or a place to vacation. So, you might choose to get them a gift that is centered around that. But, if you’re stuck for ideas, there are a range of all-rounder gifts that cover off every taste and never seem to disappoint.


All families love to play games. Although the type of game they favor will depend on the family you’re buying for; games are a way for a family to all have fun together. The family in question might be super sporty, if so, why not opt for something like lawn croquet or cornhole (see page for details). It’ll allow families to get competitive with each other and have a whole lot of fun. Or, if they’re not the competitive type, why not something centered around words or numbers, or even charades, for the entire family to have fun.

Homemade Cookies

Homemade gifts are always a thoughtful way to show that you care about that family or are thinking about them at Christmas time. You might know a great local handmade store where you can source something for them, or even look on Etsy. But, it shows thought if you go the extra mile and make something yourself. Even if you’re not the most creative person, you can make something for your family friends. Cookies, and other baked goods, are fun to bake and a make delicious gift to receive. There are so many easy recipes to follow too, meaning you can make a bunch of batches for all of your friends. Then all that’s left to do is dress them up and deliver them.

Personalised Family Sets

Personalized yet practical gifts are up there on the list of sentimental presents to share for the Holidays. You might not be able to get each person in the family that you’re giving gifts to something of their own (it could take a lot of time and investigation), but something for the family would work well How about a set of monogrammed mugs? You can pick up things like mugs and cups with an ‘A’ or ‘L’ on from many craft or homewares stores. Just grab a letter for each family member and dress up the gift in a festive gift basket. You could even do the same with towels, candles or jewelry.

A Holiday Hamper

One of the most exciting gifts to receive as a family is often a beautiful holiday hamper. You can find many companies in store or online that offer hamper services, or you can even pull one together yourself. From cheese and chutneys to tea and biscuits, you can even pick a theme that the family you’re gifting will love. Perhaps you’ll want to make it sport centric or even a pamper pack. Whichever option you choose, you know that the family will feel spoiled this Christmas.

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