Encouraging Your Kids To Stay Active: What To Do

3:27 PM

Encouraging your kids to stay active is one of the best things you’ll do for them. With TVs, the internet, and the abundance of other things that can keep them sat still these days, encouraging them to stay active is more important than ever. Here’s what to do to get yours into this good habit while they’re young!

Let Them Try Things They Like The Sound Of
You can suggest things to your kids if you like and let them try the things they like the sound of. You need to let them try things to see what they like themselves. They might try something once and hate it - and that’s fine. You shouldn’t push them to continue doing something they don’t want to do. It’ll suck all of the fun right out of it. Just encourage them to keep trying until they find something they are passionate about. Eventually, they’re bound to find something that they love. The important thing is that they have a safe environment to try things in. There are children suffering injuries in soccer, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try it.

Set A Good Example For Them
Set a good example for your kids by staying active too. You can’t expect them to take their health and fitness seriously if you lounge around in front of the TV with a takeaway every day. Find your own loves and hobbies. Go to the gym, or running. Do whatever you can to set a good example. Kids always learn from what you do, and not what you say!

Find Activities You Can Both Do
In some cases, there may be some activities you and your kids can do together! This might be a sport like football, or even a class at the gym designed for all ages. If you do it together, it’ll make a great bonding exercise. 


Limit The Amount Of Internet/TV They Can Have
You can’t get away from the internet and TV these days, but you can limit the amount that they are exposed to. When they can’t just sit there watching TV, they’ll feel more inclined to get outside. Make sure you limit your own time too. You’re setting an example, remember.

Praise Them
Make sure you praise your kids for their efforts. Just make sure you use the right wording, as some things can sound like praise but can actually scare your kids. For example, if you tell them they are a ‘natural’ at something, they might dismiss anything out there that takes them a little longer to master. Make sure you don’t only praise their achievements, but their efforts too. The fact that they are trying is what matters!

Don’t Overdo It
Make sure you don’t let your kids overdo it. They might absolutely fall in love with something and want to do it at all times. Make sure they're still a healthy weight, and that they’re eating enough to support their new hobby. They need rest days too, so encourage those.

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