Cute Christmas Presents All Toddlers Will Adore

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There is no doubt that your family will be super excited for Christmas right now! And if you have a small toddler in your family, they will be looking forward to all the presents and gifts that Santa is bringing them!


Are you still rushing around trying to get all your Christmas shopping done in time? If so, then you might still be trying to think of cute presents for the youngest member of your family. Is so, don’t worry! I’ve got you covered with all of these adorable Christmas present ideas for all the toddlers that you know!


Remember way back when space hoppers were the most fashionable toys to get at Christmas? Well, those fun inflatable balls may be very untrendy right now, but there are some other fun hoppers that you could get for your toddler. Most hoppers come in the shape of various animals these days. Your toddler will love bouncing around on a horse or panda shaped hopper!

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are super cute, and they are something that your small child can keep throughout their childhood. Most things are commemorative and decorative. These are often ornaments or trinkets that the toddler can keep well into adulthood so that they can always remember their childhood! There are other fun personalized gifts as well on sites such as Zoey's Attic. Why not get a cute bib or t-shirt to which you can add a fun personalized message!

Mini Kitchen

Does your toddler love watching you work in the kitchen? They may still be too young to help you when you are preparing meals, which is a great reason to buy them a mini kitchen! These are great fun and help your toddler play make believe and imagine that they are cooking up some delicious dishes!


ABC Bricks

If you want to give your kids a head start before they get to kindergarten or school, then you will probably already be trying to teach them the basics of reading and writing. And one of the best ways you can do this is by giving them some ABC bricks this Christmas. They will be able to build some impressive structures as well as spell out all the words they learn!

First Tool Box

If your toddler loves playing around with things to see how they work, they might love a toy tool box. Many parents are wary of buying their kid’s toy tool boxed because all the toy tools used to be made out of plastic and horribly painted in neon paints. However, these days there are now many toy companies who are making children’s first tool boxes out of wood. Not only are these toys safer for your children, but they will also look very chic and well made!


If none of these ideas jump out at you, how about falling back on good old chocolate?! Every child will love opening a selection box or a box of their favorite chocolates and candies! It will certainly put a big smile on their face!

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