10 Practical Gifts People Actually Want For Christmas (2016 Gift Guide)

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Sometimes I just get tired of buying gifts that I know are just going to end up being a waste of money effort and time. It seems as if at least half of Christmas present are just junk anyways. Ugly Christmas sweaters, reindeer pot holders, another stuffed animal...no thanks. I don't mean to sound like a Grinch, Im just saying don't overlook the practical stuff. I would much rather give and get something I really needed, even if its a small gift, than another candle or christmas ornament.

Here are 10 Practical Christmas Gifts They Really Want

1. First Aid Kit
This makes a great gift for so many reasons. First of all even if someone has a first aid kit, bandaids get low and we always forget to restock our first aids kits, so this is a great gift to give every couple of years even. Secondly, you can use multiple first aid kits, one for the car, one in your camping supplies, one for work, and of course one for the house. You can even buy mini first aid kits now for different situations. My husband and I got a first aid kit for our wedding present and we laughed at first but then we used it all the time and was so grateful someone got us one.

2. Humidifier
Humidifiers have come a long ways since I was a kid. This one by Anypro also moonlights as a nice nightlight with soft soothing changing colors. I personally have one of these and can't believe how quiet it is plus it puts out twice as much mist as my old one. It even has a scented oil tray on top for you to add different oils and smells to the air. A good humidifier in my house is a must not only for when we get sick but also because my children and husband have such sensitive skin. The winter weather and fireplace just dries everyone out. This humidifier really helps battle the dry winter
air here.

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3. Can Opener
Most people don't think much about their can openers. Usually if you buy one you are just grabbing one as an after thought not as an investment. But then you quickly regret your cheap can opener when you get home when it takes you forever just to open a can of peaches. A can opener is also something people forget to replace when they are out and about doing their shopping. Getting a quality can opener is a really nice gift. Ive got my eye on this Pioneer Woman Can opener. Totally on my Christmas wish list because Im a grown up and I love a can opener that works.

4.Bike Tubes
No one thinks about getting each other bike tubes. Just think how thoughtful it is to get someone a bike tube that is the right size for their bike. Spend a little extra and get the tubes that are extra thick and have self sealing gel in them. Such a great gift that keeps on giving. Just think about all the tires your loved one "Wont" be having to change this year. Thats love baby!

5.Cleaning Supplies
Having a nice array of cleaning supplies on hand is always nice. The great thing about this gift idea is you can splurge and go eco friendly or you can go cheap and get a whole basketful of supplies from the dollar store. Everyone needs cleaning supplies and you can even make it fun and cute with something like Non-Paper Towels. Ive had my eye on getting these great/cute cleaning rags that replace paper towels. Who said practical can't be cute as well. ;)

6. LED Light Bulbs
I love my LED Light Bulbs and want to replace all of my light bulbs eventually with the LED ones. They don't emit as much heart or energy and save a lot of money in the long run however they are the most expensive bulbs at the store. So treat someone you know with a nice pack of LED Light Bulbs. Its also a gift that keeps on giving all year long especially when the electric bill comes.

7. Ear Buds
Im always losing earbuds. My kids are always loosing them or they are coming apart or they just get worn out so fast. Ear buds make great stocking stuffers too. They also come in so many cool options now. There are even jogging earbuds with hooks to go over the top of your ears so they don't fall out when you are running.

8. Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm
Most people have a smoke detector but a lot of people don't know they also need a carbon monoxide detector as well. My electrician informed us that more people die of carbon monoxide poising in their home than smoke. Keep the people you love safe. Safety is a great gift.

9. Thumb Drive
Just like ear buds its another thing that we are loosing all over the place. Get a flush drive thats a little more flashy so its not so easy to loose. A few years back I got my brother a guitar flash drive with was perfect for him because he is a graphic artist and loves to play the guitar. You can even get some that double as key chains or even pens. There are so many fun options.

10. Wrapping Paper & Tags
This may seem simple but its also genius. Everyone needs wrapping paper, tape, bows, and tags for the Christmas season and no matter how much of that stuff I buy I usually run out before I am all done wrapping for the holidays. These also make great neighbor gifts or you can step it up a notch by getting them extra nice wrapping paper or custom made gift tags with their names printed on it. There are also lots of blogs online where you can find oodles of free gift tag printables you can just print right at home for last minute gift giving.

Every year my kids get something they want, something to do, something to read, something to wear, and something they need under the Christmas tree.  One year my toddler boys got a big box full of coordinating bathroom accessories for their private bathroom. Maybe that doesn't sound fun to you but when you are on a strict budget and your toddlers only play with the empty boxes anyway spending your money on the things you need first is a nice way to go for everyone.

Everything on this list are things I personally love and most of them are on my Christmas wish list this year. I have provided links to a few of these items for your convince. 

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