Tis' the Season to Be Creative: Three Tips to Pretty up Your Boring Christmas Cards

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Every year we find ourselves buying a pack of generic Christmas cards to send to the family. They’re boring, sometimes a bit tacky, and we get a little embarrassed handing out the same designs to everyone. The thought of fiddling with sparkly bits of paper and glue might not be attractive to everyone, and that’s completely understandable.

We spend a lot of time picking Christmas gifts to send, so why not put some effort into creating cards to go with them? It takes a lot of work to craft a nice looking Christmas card, at least, if you’re doing it from scratch! There are a lot of tips and tricks to help speed up your card crafting adventure, and we’ll be breaking it down in this guide, just remember to have some stamps ready to send your cards!

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1. Glue a Simple Wreath on the Front of the Card

Festive wreaths are abundant around Christmas time. We hang them on the front door, we put them by the trees, and we decorate our houses with them. So how about sticking them onto the front of a card? It might be a little difficult to send if you make it too big, but that shouldn’t be an issue with small leaves or card cutout-leaves.

Simply take some plant leaves, small ones, and dab a little hot glue onto them and stick them onto the front of your card in a circular pattern. The key is to not use too many, and always make sure the leaves are evenly spaced to look more natural. It’s a simple, elegant, and effective way to spice up simple Christmas cards.

2. Simple Glittery Patterns

It might sound like a mess, but glittery patterns are relatively easy to manage and create. Use a pencil to sketch out a simple pattern, such as a tree, and place a thin piece of double-sided sticky tape onto the card. Next, grab a large bowl or sheet of newspaper, and hold the card over it. Sprinkle a bit of glitter onto the tape, and make sure to evenly coat the tape. Shake off any excess (that’s what the bowl/newspaper is for!) and re-apply to uncoated areas.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, get a thin stick of glue or use a small brush dipped in glue to write letters and messages. Then, sprinkle the glitter over as usual, and you’ll create some fantastic glittery patterns!

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3. Easy Minimalistic Designs

Creating fancy cards is great, but sometimes the minimalistic designs are what shine and stand out the most. It doesn’t take long to create them either. Think of something festive, such as a Christmas tree, and imagine how you could break it down into a simple shape with arts and craft materials such as washi tape. For a tree, simply cut strips of washi tape in different sizes. Start with a small piece at the top, and alternate the designs as you go down the tree with larger strips.

You can also cut out some simple patterns from festive wrapping papers and textile designs to stick onto the front of your Christmas cards. Some wrapping papers have plenty of tree designs and can be used to frame your card in a fancy border to make it look elegant and expensive—but in reality, you’re just being resourceful and creative!

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