The Parent's Guide To Surviving The Weekend

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It’s never easy to keep you kids amused, and the weekends can be hard work. If you struggle to keep the smiles on their faces during those long days, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re going to look at things to do at the weekend that are sure to keep them happy. We’ve considered a few fool proof ways to amuse the little ones, so you don’t have to. Just take a look at this list and decide which options appeal most to you and your family!


This first option is one that’s sure to keep you covered on Saturday and Sunday. A weekend away in a new town can be an excellent way to keep the kids amused for longer. Why not book a hotel and do a little exploration? Choose somewhere with plenty for the kids, like Galveston Island. Research before you go and plan some activities in advance. Take a look at a guide to Galveston Island to get an idea of your options. You could head to Schlitterbahn Waterpark for the kids. You could take the chance to get festive at the world famous Dickens Festival. You could even spend a day at the beach, and leave the kids to amuse themselves at The Pleasure Pier! If none of that appeals, take a look at towns that would keep your family amused!


If your children are old enough, a theme park is sure to go down well. There are a variety of theme parks out there, so again, it’s worth finding one that best suits your needs. If you’ve got adrenaline seeking kids, take them to a theme park packed with fast paced rides, like Cedar Point in Ohio. This world famous theme park is sure to offer them a weekend to remember! If your children love to swim, take them to a water park instead!


Sporting activities are always good for burning your kid's excess energy. There are centers all over that offer lessons in various sports. Whether it’s go-karting or ice skating, your child will leave the activity having had a great time. They’ll also learn something new! There’s bound to be some excellent sports activities available nearby. Ask around fellow parents and take a look online. Book up for a family session, so you can all give it a go!


Sometimes, you’ll want to stay at home for the weekend. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you’ll need to amuse the children. Crafting can be a relaxing and fun way to keep you kids happy. Kids love to cook, so why not help them make cakes? Or, you could teach them to knit. If your children are too young for that, you could just get the paints out. Make sure you take part too. The kids will be much more engaged if they have you making things with them. Use this as a bonding exercise, and an excellent excuse to spend time with the children.

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