Momma's Little Helpers: Coping Methods To Make Your Life Easier!

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When you're a mom, at times you may feel the pressure from society for you to be some sort of superhero all the time. A lot of mothers will come in for unfair criticism, especially those in the public eye, because they fail to be perfect. We all want to do the best job we can. And for most of us, we are doing an awesome job but we are just human after all. But because of the way society can put added expectations and pressure on motherhood, it sometimes seems like we don't need or should ask for help.

You've probably heard about how a mother in a crisis seems to find superhuman strength. The classic story is how a mom, seeing her kid under the wheels of a car, somehow finds the strength to lift it off them. That's a true story, and the technical term for that phenomenon is "hysterical strength." It's a beautiful thing, but knowing that has its drawbacks. When people know that's possible, they expect moms to be superhuman all the time.

Not to diminish how amazing it is that mothers can find that strength, and other less dazzling examples, but it's a situational thing. The fact that you can find the strength to do that doesn't mean that it is something you can always do. When it comes to some of the everyday stuff, it can be useful to have a helping hand. Somehow, hysterical strength doesn't arrive when you need to find the best deals on diapers.

Momma's Little Helper #1: Tech

In case you're thinking that the intro to this post was saying that moms aren't high-functioning achievers, it isn't. For a start, we're accomplished jugglers. Especially if you have a newborn, there's pressure on us to look after them, do a load of housework, run errands in town and more. We then have to be back home to pick up the older kids, get people fed and arrange bath time.

And even though most dads are super helpful and take a lot of the load off, that can still leave a lot to do. In the middle of all that, who doesn't sometimes forget to charge their phone? Im always finding my phone just about to die when I need it most. So it can be useful to have a backup plan in the form of a portable charger. Keep it in your purse or your glovebox. Then if you're out in town and your phone throws up a crisis message saying it's below 15%, it's no sweat. You just need to remember to charge the charger once in awhile!

Momma's Little Helper #2: Finance

You can't put a price on a mother's love. Which is just as well, because most household budgets are already a little bit stretched. Finding the money for everything can be a real challenge sometimes, especially as kids are prone to forget things they need. In a pinch, you may have to find the funds for a school trip or a new set of soccer cleats. And you don't resent that one bit, but it can take a lot of shuffling funds around to make it happen.

This is why coupons are an essential in every mother's life. As you'll learn from a scan over Katie Rose Kids shop and others, they can take a lot of the sting out of shopping. From this point on, collect every coupon you see and store them in a binder. If you devote a bit of time to budgeting, use some of it to see how you can stack all your coupons to make a $100 shopping cart cost a fraction of that.

In the same light, pick up every loyalty card from every supermarket you use - even the ones you just go to occasionally. The savings you can make just from these will go a long way when a budget is tight. The more you practice this kind of thrift the better you'll get at it. With one savings site and another, you would be stunned by exactly how much money you can save.

Momma's Little Helper #3: Health

From the mom who played high-school basketball to the one who never grew above five feet tall, people would be amazed at the strength a mom has. You need it, to move things around, carry a baby (both before and after they're born) and everything else. You need the constitution of an ox if truth be told. And it's not just your muscles and body that need to be strong.

You also need a healthy immune system to parent effectively. Not to alarm you, but your kids go to school every day and are among hundreds of other children. That many people of any age will be harboring some germs, and these will make their way into your home. We can deal with a sick child from time to time, but getting sick ourselves is something we need to keep to a minimum.

When it happens, it happens, and we just need to recover as well as possible. But keeping your immune system in tip-top condition is also really critical. You can eat well to keep immunity up - citrus fruits and broccoli are great for you. As is spinach - Popeye apparently knew what he was doing.

Momma's Little Helper #4: Your Kids

As they get older, your children can become a real assistance to you in times of need. Don't worry; I'm not advocating for child labor here! However, along with doing their chores to earn their allowance, kids can help you out just with the little things.

It's a chance to help them learn skills that will come in useful for them in later life. Whether it's switching the oven on at the right time for dinner or taking messages if the phone goes while you're busy, it all helps. They'll be proud to play a part, as long as they have all the time in the world to be kids too.

Being a mom is a blast, most of the time. Even when it's not, it's still so worth it. But sometimes, because we work hard and show such commitment, it can be forgotten that it takes a lot out of you. Always be clear that you wouldn't swap this job for any other - but don't ever let it be forgotten that you are entitled to and deserve help.

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