Keeping Your Kids Amused and Creating Lasting Memories

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We all know that kids can be hard work, especially during holiday periods and at weekends. But that doesn’t mean that your life has to be stressful. Keeping your kids amused and creating lasting memories is easier than you think. It’s just a question of finding what floats their boat. And we’re not just talking about putting an iPad in front of them and expecting them to amuse themselves. We’re going to look at some serious entertainment that will keep them busy all day.

Garden Games

It’s crucial that kids spend time with their families. That’s why garden games are such a great idea. They are games that both children and adults can play together. There are all sorts of garden games that you can play, including badminton, croquet, and even tennis.

Campfire Storytelling

Another great way to spend time is to gather around the campfire as a family. There’s something almost primeval about sitting around a fire, late into the night. After you’ve finished roasting marshmallows, you can move on to telling stories. Why not have a night of storytelling based on a theme? The theme could be detective mysteries, ghost stories or even UFOs. Get your kids involved in telling their own stories too. This will help them to use their imagination and learn how to construct plots and narratives.

Laser Quest

Laser quest is one of the most popular places for kids birthday parties. And given how fun it is, that should come as no surprise. Laser quest usually takes place in a big, atmospheric area. Each person gets a laser gun and body armor that detects whether or not they’ve been tagged. Your kids will spend most of their time running around, looking to score points against the other team. Kids get so carried away with laser quest that they often don’t realize just how much energy they are exerting. It’s a great way for them to get exercise and let off steam. Children always sleep well after a round of laser quest.

Go To The Beach

The beach has always been a great place to take kids. There are the arcades, the sand, and the sea. You’ll be amazed at just how many activities kids can invent while at the beach. One minute they’re playing a game of frisbee, the next they’re splashing in the sea.

If your kids are into sand castles, why not build a sand fort as the tide comes in? It’s always fun to see how long you can make your sand castle last before the sea totally overwhelms it.

Unleash Their Culinary Imagination

More and more parents are coming to realize that parents should teach children how to cook. Cooking is an essential skill for anyone that also makes it less likely that they’ll opt for takeout. Also when kids get to be involved with cooking thier own healthy meals they are more likely to eat them You can nurture this skill from an early age, and make it fun to boot. Ask your child to use their imagination. What in the world would they most like to make to eat? Don’t worry if they say “pizza.” You can still make a healthy version! Just get them involved in the process, and cooking will quickly seem like a normal part of life.

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