Gift Ideas That Are Perfect For Cheering Up A New Mom

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Having a baby might be one of the most incredible things you will ever do, but that doesn’t mean that the baby blues won’t raise their ugly head. Studies have shown that eight out of ten new moms report feeling changes to their moods and feel a little blue from time to time. Of course, with the combination of sleepless nights and having little time for ourselves, it’s no wonder that new moms get down.

As a mom, you understand just how stressful those first few weeks of motherhood can be. That’s why, if you’ve got a friend who’s just had a baby, it’s a great idea to find some little ways to cheer her up. Here are some cute, quirky ways that you can do that.

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Send her a pamper hamper

If you’re not able to give her a gift in person, putting together a pamper hamper could be ideal. Get a basket and fill it with all of her favorite things, so that she can pamper herself a little. Things like some new pajamas, a pair of slippers, some scented candles, and a luxury bubble bath are all perfect. As well as beauty products and pajamas, consider adding some little treats. Perhaps you could get her some artisan tea to enjoy? Various sites sell artisan tea, including Or, maybe you could add a box of her favorite chocolates or truffles? Put together a hamper of all of her favorite things, and you’re sure to put a smile back on her face.

Get her a gift card for her favorite store

After having a baby, your body changes, which means a lot of your old clothes no longer fit you properly. So a great gift could be a gift card for your friend’s favorite store so that she can treat herself to some new clothes. For picking out new clothes after having a baby, these types of resources can be useful - It’s amazing how much happier she will be when she has some new clothes that fit her properly. If you really want to spoil her, you could also book her in to get her hair done and have a makeover. If this doesn’t put a smile on her face, then nothing will.

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Book her onto a mom and baby spa day

Being a new mom is highly stressful, which is why a spa day is the perfect gift. After a massage, some time in the pool, and a glass of bubbly, she’ll soon feel happier. Just make sure to book a mom and baby spa day, so that she can take her little one along. As a lot of moms don’t like to leave their babies for the first few months. Lots of spas offer mom and baby days, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a local one. You may even be able to find a deal online, to make it a little cheaper.

Motherhood is an incredible journey, but not always an easy one. That’s why, if you’ve got a friend who has just become a new mom, it’s important that you do all you can to support her.

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