5 Reasons Why Moving House Might Be Good For Your Kid

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Moving house can be a very stressful time for everyone involved, but it can particularly take its toll on children. As I’m sure you’re aware, significant upheavals in a child’s life can cause them to act up. But it isn’t all bad - there are plenty of reasons that moving house can really benefit the happiness and development of your child.

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  1. Improved location
If the area you’re moving to has more convenient transport links, better access to healthcare facilities, or even cooler shops, you can mark it up as a success. Moving to an area with a stronger infrastructure automatically means that your child will grow up with more opportunities to get jobs, meet friends, and grow as a person.

2. Getting them involved
The process of moving house is an opportunity for your child to mature. If you involve them in the decision-making processes as much as possible they will start to learn how adults deal with large projects and change. Let them help make decisions such as which moving companies you’ll use, which bedroom will belong to whom, and how to orientate the furniture. If they’re too young to fully understand, you could try to incorporate ‘moving house’ into their role-playing games to give them a slightly better understanding. It may be a difficult period, but by involving your child in the decision making you’re giving them the opportunity to be a part of the process.

3. Better school district
This one almost goes without saying - if you move house to a better schooling district, your child will benefit from an improved education. For many people this is the sole purpose for moving house. Your child’s schooling will be one of the most formative aspects of their growing up, so it’s crucial that they go to the most suitable school possible. Moving house may be the best way to ensure this.

4. More space
Many people move house to upgrade; either they’ve come into more money or they just need to expand to fit in new family members. More space for the family will mean more space for your child to play, learn, and grow up. A bigger garden area will mean more room for sporting activities, keeping animals, or planting their own fruits and vegetables. It even gives you the opportunity to decorate their room however they desire.

5. New friends
It’s a sad truth that sometimes children struggle to make friends with other children. Either they’re shy, or the victim of bullying, or live too remotely to be able to socialise regularly. A house move gives a child the opportunity to meet new people, especially if the move incorporates a new school. It could also be the boost a shy child needs to feel able to reach out to other children and make friends.

It’s never going to be an easy time, but moving house isn’t all negative for children - it can really give them an opportunity to flourish and develop.

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