Four Essential Items For Making Breastfeeding Easier

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When you have a newborn, the chances are that you will attempt to breastfeed and see how it goes. It doesn’t work out for everyone and can be really tough. Our babies have a lot to do with it too. If they just won’t latch, then it makes things tricky. But if you have chosen to carry on breastfeeding and things are going well, it could go even easier for you. There are some products and items that can make things go much more smoothly. Anything to get your baby fed and keep mama happy is fine by me! Here are some things that I would recommend if you are choosing to breastfeed.


Cabbage Leaves

I know, this sounds totally ridiculous. But it is actually such a life saver. In the first week or so, your breasts feel so engorged and sore as your milk comes in. Other than feeding your baby and just getting on with it, there isn’t much you can do about it. However, cabbage leaves can ease the soreness. I have given it a try and know that it works! Grab a cabbage leaf or two for each breast, and score in some lines in the leaves, using a sharp knife. Then pop them into your bra, so they’re touching the skin of your breasts. You’ll notice a difference pretty quickly. When the soreness has gone, replace the leaves with breast pads. They work wonders at stopping any leaks that might happen.

Things For Comfort

As you get more experienced with motherhood, you will head out elsewhere and feed your baby. But in the early days, you are most likely to be at home. Make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. It might be getting a footstool so you can rest your feet or plenty of cushions or pillows. A nursing pillow could be a good idea too. It gives your arms a bit of a rest during feeding time. It can be handy during night feeds too. Just make sure that you are as comfy as possible when you nurse.

Nursing Bra

A lot of people will try and get away with a regular bra when they nurse. There is a reason that they make breastfeeding bras, though. They are much more comfortable and make a difference to how your breasts feel. With the clips they have, they also make it easier to feed, especially in public. They might not be the most glamorous, but they are much more practical and comfortable. Just what you want when you are nursing.

Nipple Cream

If you’ve got a hungry baby, you will soon come to learn that it can make your nipples a little sore. If you are having a little trouble with your baby latching, then that can cause soreness too. If you are determined to breastfeed, then there are things to help with the soreness. Getting a natural, nipple cream can help so much. Apply it after each feed, and it will work its magic in between feeds.

Remember breastfeeding is hard for a lot of women and try not to get down on yourself if things aren't going to plan.

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