Ensure Your Other Half Is Ready To Be A First-Time Dad With These Handy Tips

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For new moms, it often comes naturally when they have their little one. After all, we carry our baby before they are even born. But it’s often a lot harder for men to bond with the newborn. And they can be very nervous when they are around their baby for the first time. Also, having a baby marks a change in your relationship that you need to prepare your other half for. With a little help, they are bound to be a fantastic father! Here are some handy tips to ensure your other half is ready to be a first-time dad.

Get him a pregnancy book

When you find out you are expecting for the first time, you tend to go to the shop and buy half a dozen baby books. After all, they are an excellent way to help you prepare. However, men only get to glance through yours to get some ideas. However, there are plenty of baby books which have been made specific for dads to be; just check out this list of pregnancy books. A lot of them cover topics such as helping the mom to be through her pregnancy, dealing with finances, and choosing a baby name! Therefore, you should get him a book so that he has some tips and advice before baby arrives!

Make sure he is involved with your growing baby

When you are carrying your baby, it’s easy for men to feel left out. After all, they are not bonding with the baby while it’s in your womb. But to help him prepare to be a dad for the first time, make sure he’s involved with your bump. Take him along to the sonogram, so he gets to see the baby’s heartbeat. And of course, make sure he attends all your ultrasound appointments. And when your baby starts kicking, let him feel the bump so that he can feel involved. And make sure you say ‘our’ pregnancy, rather than ‘your’ pregnancy. That way, he will feel like you are going through it together.

Let him be part of the baby shower

For moms, they often get spoiled during their pregnancy. Their friends and family tend to host a baby shower where mom to be, and baby gets spoiled with gifts. But dads tend to not get involved with the proceedings. Therefore, you could potentially invite him to the baby shower so that he gets involved with the fun. Or you could even get your partner’s friends to host a ‘Dadchelor Party.’ As this article says, call his closest men friends and get them to put on a man-centric event. That way, he will have some fun and even get some gifts for men, just like you will get gifts at your shower!

Hang around with other parents

Men tend to learn from watching other people do the task or job at hand. Therefore, one excellent tip for preparing him for being a new dad is to hang out with other parents. That way, he can get some tips from the guy on how to be an awesome father. And if they get on well, they could even hang out with the little ones, while you chill out with your mummy friend!

And remember that the best thing you and your partner can do is learn together when baby arrives!

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