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It all began about four years ago when I wanted to make something special for my mother in-law for Christmas. She and my father in law worked in the nursery on Sundays at church and they loved just about every minute of it. I remember her telling me once how that was here favorite age for kids and that she wished they could stay that way forever. That gave me the idea to create a collage on canvas of her own three children, wherein they were all three to four years old. So even though her children are grown now she just has to look up on her wall to see her little ones side by side again as the precious little children they once were. 

Since then other friends and family have asked me to make some of these collages for their precious families, and I have even made one of my siblings and gave them all a canvas print for Christmas one year. I just love making them and creating something that means so much to the families and recipients. 

It all starts with the photos, the bigger the better. The larger the photo the less pixelated of an image I have to work with. It doesn't matter if they are aged, different colors, or even a little damaged. I love getting them all fixed and ready to put next to their other siblings photos. Its fun to see them side by side and see the similarities and differences. 

Here are just a few I have made over the past couple of years.

These Family Black & White Collage take about one to two weeks to edit and design once I receive the high resolution photos and are available in multiple formats. You can get yours in a digital file to print to your hearts desire or order a canvas print or paper print through me. 

For more information or to order your very own Custom Made Children & Family Collage just head over to my etsy shop

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