Ways To Let Your Children’s Personalities Shine

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Each and every one of us is unique. Not just in how we look but also in how we think and how we behavior. Even identical twins aren’t alike in how they think - each and every one of us is different. As parents, it’s natural to have certain dreams and aspirations for our children. However, it’s important to give them the freedom to make their own path in life and let their personalities  and individual talents shine.

The happiest children are the ones that are free to be themselves. So as parents, one of our jobs is to help them to embrace their unique personalities from a young age and become comfortable and confident with who they are. Of course, the question is, how can we help them do that?

Don’t try to make them fit a stereotype

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When they’re babies and toddlers, you have to choose how to dress them and how to entertain them. Have fun with dressing up your kids and use different looks. It’s best to dress them in a combination of different outfits and styles. So that as they grow, they don’t feel compelled to only dress one certain way. For instance, instead of choosing blue onesies for boys and pink for girls, mix it up. Look for outfits that are fun and unique, like funny onesies for babies or maybe trying colors you normally wouldn't. The same applies to toys. Don’t just give your children gender-specific toys, give them a mixture of various ones to play with.

Let them be apart of choosing their own clothes (within reason)

As your children start to get older, consider letting them choose their own clothes. Obviously, this doesn’t mean allowing them to pick whatever they want when you go clothes shopping, it means giving them some choice. After all, you want your children to look presentable. Say, for instance; you’re taking your daughter shopping for new school clothes. Give her a choice of what t-shirts she would like. Does she prefer the pink, glittery ones or is she a fan of ones that have trucks and dinosaurs on? Allowing your children to pick the clothing that they wear, lets them show off their personalities and sense of style. This is important when it comes to teaching them to be comfortable and confident about who they are. Plus they are more likely to take better care of their clothes if they feel like they got to choose them.  

Encourage them to use their imagination


A great way to let your children’s personalities shine through is by encouraging them to use their imaginations. Fill a toy box with dressing up outfits and let your children dress up as different characters to their heart’s content. Children learn through play, which is why encouraging them to use their imaginations is so important. It doesn’t matter what your children choose to dress up as, just as long as they’re happy. Imaginative play helps children to learn about the world, and also to learn about themselves and their personalities.

So there you have it, some of the best tips and ideas for allowing your children’s personalities to shine.

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