Sunshine After The Rain - Redecorating A Room After A Disaster

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Unfortunately, there are quite a few disasters than can befall our home. Whether its leaks, fires or even a dreaded break in, many people, will experience this sort of problem. When stuff like this happens, it can be very difficult to deal with and get things back to normal. If you are struggling with a situation like this, here are five practical steps to getting your room back together and maybe a little piece of your life as well.

Deal with the original issue

The first thing that needs to be is done is that the problem that caused the disaster has to be dealt with. If it was a leak, contact a company that offers Plumbing Repair Services. If it was a break-in, you might want to consider improving your home security with CCTV cameras and an alarm system. For a fire, it's vital that the safety of your electric and other household appliances is checked out and that smoke alarms are refitted.

If the original issue remains unsolved, then you are likely to just go through the same heartache again. This would be pointless as it makes any redecorating a worthless endeavor.

Look at it as an opportunity for growth

Having a home disaster is often a scary and unsettling situation. But once the initial panic is out of the way, you should do your best to try and look at it as a growth experience. Be thankful that no one was injured and although your home may have looked better, the insurance should cover it and allow you to redecorate.

Change the function of the room

When redecorating and redesigning a room that has been involved in a traumatic incident, the temptation can be to just put it back the way that it was. However, that's is not always the best idea. You should consider whether the room is actually practical for what you want to use it for.

For example, if you suffered a break-in through a ground floor bedroom, then would it be wise to move it up to the first or second floor so you feel safer? Also, if your cellar has been used to store all your sentimental objects and it's at constant risk of flooding, it might be wiser to store them in the attic? Then they are not at risk of water damage.

Change the design of the room


Of course, it can also be hard to keep the design of the room the same because of the memories of the incident. That is why a lot of people choose to redecorate completely. It is likely that you will need new furniture and carpets so you can use it as an opportunity to resign the room.

Try to have some fun

Another advantage of designing a damaged room is that you have something positive to focus on. This can help to distract you from all the hassle and stress you have been going through.

Picking the right furniture, fabric, and ornaments for a new room is a nice way to exercise your creative instincts. It also means that you will end up with a fully functional, redecorated room, which is a good way to put the whole troubling incident to bed.

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