Snow Is On Its Way! Top Hacks To Ensure Your Family Is Ready For Winter

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It’s crazy to think that winter is on its way. It only feels like last week we were enjoying a family BBQ’s outside in the nice warm weather ! But we now need to prepare for cold weather as we enter November. Here are some top hacks to ensure your family is ready for the cold months!

Get Some De-icer Spray For Your Car

Getting the kids to school on time in winter is a challenge. For one thing, it’s hard to get the engine going if there has been freezing temperatures in the night. Antifreeze should do the trick in this instance! Also, you will leave your home in the morning to find the windscreen covered in ice. And it’s not safe to drive until it’s entirely clear. You need a great scraper so that you can quickly remove some of the ice. But also, you need to get some de-icer spray. You can squirt this on the windows and the windscreen which will help to clear them so you can drive away safely. It will ensure you do get the kids to school on time in winter! You can read about other essentials you need for your car in winter in this article.

Frozen rearview mirror of the car

Order Some Coats For The Kids

It’s so important that the kids stay warm in winter months. And the easiest way to do this is to buy them a coat for them to wear once the weather takes a turn for the worst! It will ensure they stay insulated when they hit the cold weather. It will also keep them dry when the rain starts to fall. Remember to choose a coat which is easy to remove; toggles are a lot easier than zips for smaller kids.

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Get Firewood For Your Wood Burning Stove

One of my family's favorite things about the colder weather coming on is the return of the fire in our craftsman style fireplace. Not only does it keep the family warm, but it’s also beautiful and makes the room feel cozy and inviting. To ensure you are ready for winter, you need to get stocked up with firewood. You can find firewood delivery online so that you have enough for your wood burning stove to last you during the next few months. That way, your family will stay warm while they sit in the living room!

Buy Some New Warm Bedding and Blankets

You should also head to the store to buy some new bedding and blankets before winter arrives. It’s so important that your family stay warm while they are in bed at night during the cold season. And they will struggle to do so in lightweight bedding that’s suitable for summer months. Therefore, you should buy some new bedding and blankets to ensure they stay toasty during winter!

Buy Flu Medicine For Your Kids

Avoiding flu during the winter months is hard. Your kids are bound to pick up a flu bug at least once when they are at school. After all, it’s so easily passed on from child to child at school. Therefore, you need to buy some flu products to keep at home for your kids. That way, you are prepared if they do start sneezing after school! You can also read my previous blog on how to entertain your child on sick days!

Remember to get an annual boiler check before winter arrives. That way, you know you can turn on the heating and keep your home warm without any issues.

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