Moms To Be: 4 Unexpected Things You Need In Your Home During Pregnancy!

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Pregnancy is an amazing time in your life, but it is a challenge. After all, you will start experiencing a range of symptoms during the nine months before your bundle of joy arrives. Morning sickness, bad backaches, and not being able to move around so good are just a few of the challenges you will have to face! But there are a few things which can help you through your pregnancy (and we’re not just talking chocolate!) Here are four unexpected things moms to be need in their home during pregnancy to help them make it through the nine months!

Scented candles

One of the worst things about being pregnant is your heightened sense of smell. Everything seems to smell differently such as food, drink, and toiletries. It can be overpowering to a mom to be and even lead to sickness! Therefore, to help you through your pregnancy, you should fill your home with lovely smells. You could get some scented candles to place around your home. You could choose a floral scent such as lavender which has a calming effect on your body. It will help override any overpowering smells and leave you feeling less stressed during your pregnancy!

Air conditioning

As you may know, it’s hard to get to sleep at night when you are pregnant. You may experience painful backaches, heartburn, and frequent trips to the bathroom, so it’s hard to get comfortable in bed. And there are also hot flashes and just generally being over heated all the time, which can lead to many sleepless nights. Sleep is so essential for the development of the fetus and sanity of the mom to be. Therefore, you need to find ways to keep cool at night. Some health care experts recommend that you turn the air condisioner on to keep the bedroom cool. If you don’t have one already, you could look into an AC installation to keep you and your home cool. Or failing this, make sure you keep the windows open for a short period. Letting in the cool night air will help to keep your body tempter down so that you can get some vital sleep.

A foot spa

One of the biggest issues pregnant women face is swollen feet. After all, carrying the extra weight can put a lot of pressure on your toes. Therefore, it’s always good to find ways to relax your feet during pregnancy. One way would be to purchase a foot spa which you can use to help your tender toes. With great settings, it will ensure you soothe your aching feet. You could also get some salts or oils to use after your feet have been in the spa. Getting someone to assist you with some foot rubbing action is also a bonus for expecting moms.

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A robot cleaner

If you have ever been pregnant before, you will know how painful it is to clean your home. Especially when you want to mop the floors; it’s a nightmare bending down during your second and third trimester. Sometimes I just wouldn't even attempt cleaning my floors because It was just too difficult. A great way to get some help keeping on top of cleaning your home, is investing in a floor mopping robot. It will ensure your floor stays clean without you having to do any of the manual labor! As this feature says, a robot cleaner will also help you once the baby is born. After all, you have enough to do with just taking care of a newborn.

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