LDS Printable For Kids (Heavenly Father Watches Over Me)

5:01 PM

I created this printable for a primary lesson for the five year olds, but it can work for a wide age range. The kids love it because they have a lot of fun drawing themselves. I like to help them focus on little details like the pattern on their dress or tie or if their hair is curly or not. The printable helps them keep their drawing a little more contained and they get to take something home at the end of class to show their parents what we did that day. 

TIP: Draw a picture of yourself with the kids and talk out loud about what you are drawing. For Example: "Im going to draw pink flowers on my dress." or "My hair goes to the side like this." The kids will be listening and it will help them think about wanting to put more details or their own drawing. 

Click on link below, if will take you strait to the Printable for easy printing and downloading. 


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