Stop Shaming Awesome Moms

7:00 AM

Somehow it has become trendy to make fun of and demean overachieving mom's who rock at particular mom-like talents like baking, crafting, being on time, or the ones who get dressed in the morning instead of dropping off the kids while still in their pjs (done that). We as women have got to stop picking at each other. We have got to stop feeling threatened or judged because another woman is really good at something we are not. Stop mom shaming!

Ive been seeing a lot of articles this past year about moms being overwhelmed with unnecessary stress or having feelings of inadequacies and blaming it on other moms for being too extra awesome at whatever awesome thing that awesome mom is rocking at.  I've been there, the angry inadequate mom. Crazy mornings when my kids don't make it to school on time and hoping no one notices me because I haven't showered/slept in a few days. (new baby) Those are the times when I always seem to run into the "Hot" moms. You know the ones who have already been up since five in the morning because they had an early morning yoga class to get to so they can be showered and fresh to look their hottest while dropping off the kiddos. Yeah, I might be a little jealous for a minute but I have to remind myself that while that is great for her, that is just not going to work for me at least not right now while I'm in baby mode with a newborn and a two year old. I also have to remind myself that I have my rocking talents as well. The list of all the things I suck at is crazy long but there are some things that I really enjoy about motherhood and that I'm really good at. Like crafting. I'm a super awesome crafty mom. I may not be a soccer mom and/or volunteer for everything/or anything at my kids school. I don't like helping my kids with their homework. My kids eat school lunch and breakfast because I am too busy (and I just don't want to) to fix them healthy home lunches. I have accidentally missed parent/teacher night a couple times and once I mixed up the dates for the first day of pre-school and brought my little boy to school on the next day all dressed up in his backpack and new clothes and no one was there. I could go on. There are a lot of things I don't rock at but you know what I do rock at? Being crafty! My kids show up to school with the coolest projects. I'm a project mom. Build a home made parade float for North Dakota... We're on it. And I make it fun to.
My kids love when they get projects because it ends up being an awesome memory and they know they are going to show up to school with something that sets the bar. And I may be a mess at sewing but I'm a rock star with the glue gun, you should see my kids' cardboard Halloween costumes I make every year. Some have won awards. I'm also a graphic designer so of course all my kids parties have custom invitations and custom decorations galore. And to top it all off I'm building a freaking tree house for my kids right now. Yep, me, the mom. I designed the plans and had the family help me start building it when I was eight months pregnant. So yeah, I'm an awesome over-achieving crafty mom, so what! It has nothing to do with you. I don't even know you. Plus I suck it up at so many other things that I've got to balance it somehow. So just let me have it. Just because my kid has an amazing over the top birthday party doesn't mean I expect you to do the same for your kid. This is my thing. Maybe your mom thing is you are a great listener, or you can play with your kids for hours, or you are a part of the PTA, maybe you are the hot mom and your kids will never be embarrassed that you dropped them off looking like a homeless lady, maybe you're a fit mom that does lots of hiking and exercising with your kids. Or you play sports with your kids, or you can sew costumes and prom dresses for them. The list goes on and on because there is more than one way to be an awesome overachieving mom. 

So for the mom who started killing it with daily crazy Elf On The Shelf shenanigans and making you feel inferior next to her Christmas cheer that is exploding all over the place... I say leave her alone! You might think it is stupid and a waste of time but maybe to that woman it is a lot of fun. And what may not seem important to you may mean a great deal to another because that is how she can let her light shine. We should all feel free and supported to do what we love and to share our talents (no matter how silly) with each other, with our children and maybe even with the world (That's what a blog is for right?)

Women should support women, this world is cruel and hard enough without bringing down fellow moms because they might have different interests and talents than you. Lets be happy for each other. Lets encourage each other to explore our different talents. Think of all the things we can achieve if we bring all those differences and talents together.


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