I Missed Summer Because I Had A Baby (& Why I Love Coconut Oil Now)

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I Love Summer! And when you spend an entire summer miserable and doing nothing but waiting to push a baby out... you really don't want to see it go. Fall came way too quick this year for me.

I missed all the sweaty hiking, dirty gardening, and gobs of suntan lotion I usually get my fill of by this time of year. And now that my legs look like my legs again and not like I'm wearing six layers of someone else's legs (pregnancy swelling) I want to show them off. Im not ready to stuff them under leggings and boots. I want shiny coconut smelling legs in sandals. Thats probably why I love Skinny & Co. Pure Coconut Oil body butter so much. Now that I can reach and shave my own legs I like to treat those sexy stems of mine to a little buttering up with this awesome coconut oil. The smell and shine reminds me of my lost summer and lets me hold on to it a little longer. And after just a few minutes its like my skin just soaks all that coconut oil up like it can't get enough of it either, and my now soft skin is left with a subtle pretty shine ready for a day out and about. I will probably be wearing sandals way past the time they should be put away for next summer.

As if feeling left out of summer and all its sunshiny glory isn't rough enough on a pregnant lady, feeling pretty again (or sane) post baby can be a real challenge. Im up all night with this beautiful creature I just made and then I spend the first half of my day trying not to doze off whenever the new baby is napping.  I also have three other beautiful children to keep alive so It feels like we are just in survival mode some days. There is very little extra in my day right now to do anything for myself yet its so important that I try to squeeze something in or I will run the risk of breaking down. I try to do at least one thing everyday just for me. Sometimes its going for a jog or walk, shaving my legs, tweezing my scary eyebrows, putting on a cute outfit even if Im just going to be home all day, or doing a mini facial. Using Skinny & Co. coconut Facial Scrub and coconut facial oil at the end of the day is like a little luxury for me. I feel like I am doing something really good for my face and skin when I put it on. The coconut facial oil smells incredible and has lavender and essential oils in it. I like that I don't have to worry about getting it on my mouth because its great for my lips as well, plus the coconut sugar scrub is completely editable and you can even put it in your dink if you want or just strait up eat it. I can just see myself nursing my baby and needing a mid-nursing snack and reaching for my facial scrub for a little treat. lol! That would be a hard one to explain to the husband if he walked in on me. "No, honey! I promise my facial scrub is completely editable, and tasty too!"

I love finding little treasures like great skin care products like Skinny & Co. I have never used coconut oil before in anything and I had a great first time experience with their products. Getting to try out their coconut oil products could not have come at a better time for me since I just had a baby and I really didn't get to enjoy my summer much. I like knowing these products are safe to use around my sweet new baby girl and I love the little pick-me-up I get when I use them. They are so refreshing and make me feel like Im almost back at the beach again.

Skinny & Co. have lots of other 100% raw, alkaline coconut oil products to check out. But the Body Butter, Facial Oil, and Facial Scrubs were definitely my favorite. I can't wait to try out their pure coconut oil in a batch of cookies Im planning on making next week. I've never cooked with coconut oil before and Im curious to try it out.

 And a little treat for you EMI readers, Skinny & Co. is giving you guys this discount code so you can try it out for yourself. Get 15% off any Skinny & Co. order - SKINNYCO15.

What do you do for a little pick me up when you are feeling the frump coming on?


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