2016 Everyday Mom Ideas Blog Makeover

11:36 AM

There has been some much needed sprucing up over here at Everyday Mom Ideas and its looking pretty fresh! The Old design and theme were just not cutting it anymore and I am loving my new minimalist blog design. 

Here is the inspiration board for the new design. I wanted to keep some of the old colors but bring in some new elements with a very custom typography logo and new signature patterns. 

This is a style guide with all the brand designs together. A style guide is a really nice file to have for quick references to your  brand design files. It can become especially handy if you need something like]  your pantone numbers for the printers or the names of your signature fonts. 

And if Im going to rebrand my blog Ive got to rebrand everything else including my macbook page. Its like if you give a mouse a cookie... If you give a graphic designer a blog to redesign she going to need to redesign everything else. 

And just for fun here is a look back at all my old blog designs over the years. Keep in mind when I first started, blogging was brand new and these designs may seem super terrible now but when I first designed them people were going crazy about how cool they were. lol! 


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